Bill Smoother 2023 Promo

26 October 2023

1. The Bill Smoother 2023 Promotion is for existing residential Flick customers (‘Eligible Customers’) who:

  • a. Reside at a residential address that Flick is able to serve, and;

  • b. open a Bill Smoother on the customer dashboard, in the App or with one of our customer experience advisors.

2. The Bill Smoother 2023 Promotion gives Eligible Customers who meet the above criteria the chance to go in a ‘Weekly Prize Draw to win NZ$100 credit’ (‘Weekly Prize Credit’) in their Flick Bill Smoother account. For the Weekly Prize Credit, the following applies:

  • a. Flick will draw an Eligible Customer as a winner (Winning Entrant) weekly and randomly at Flick’s discretion

  • b. Flick will announce the Winning Entrant within the following week through Flick’s promotional channels with the winner’s first name, last initial and location

  • c. Flick will Contact the Winning Entrant via phone or email

  • d. Once an Eligible Customer is in the draw, it will remain there for the duration of the promotion unless it's picked as a Winning Entrant, whereby they may no longer re-enter the prize draw

  • e. If at the time of the prize draw, the Winning Entrant is in the debt cycle, they will be deemed ineligible and a new Winning Entrant will be drawn

  • f. The Weekly Prize Credit is applied to the Winning Entrants existing Bill Smoother Account within 30 days of the promotion end date

  • g. The Weekly Prize Credit is accessed by the Winning Entrant through their Bill Smoother Account and the triggers they have set up

3. Flick’s Free Power Prize Terms and Conditions apply to the power prize draws as listed in clause 2.

4. The Bill Smoother 2023 Promotion begins on 1 November 2023 and continues until 6 December 2023 unless notified by Flick.

5. The winning Bill Smoother credit is not transferable, refundable nor redeemable for cash.

6. If the Eligible Customer leaves Flick before they have used all the Bill Smoother credit, the prize credit may be forfeited.

7. If the Winning Entrant moves house and takes Flick with them to their new property, then the winning prize Bill Smoother credit is transferred to the Winning Entrant’s new property account. 

8. These Bill Smoother 2023 Promotion terms apply in addition to the standard Flick Terms and Conditions and the Bill Smoother Terms and Conditions.