Flickin' Best Plan Terms and Conditions

1 June 2022

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1. These terms govern the Flick Energy Limited (“Flick”) Flickin’ Best Plan Promise (“Best Plan Promise”). 

2. These Best Plan Promise terms apply in addition to the standard Flick Terms and Conditions.

3. All new and existing residential customers who join Flick’s Flat or Off Peak price plan will be automatically included in the Best Plan Promise, from the date they switch to Flat or Off Peak. Wholesale and Business customers are excluded. 

4. From the date the customer switches to Flick’s Flat or Off Peak plan, or has been on their Flat or Off Peak plan contract, until their most recent consecutive three month anniversary with Flick (“the 90 Day Promise Period”), Flick promises that customers will be notified by email, if they can save money by switching pricing plans (between Flat and Off Peak) based on the customer’s previous 90 day consumption behaviour calculation (“90 Day Consumption Behaviour Calculation”).

5. The 90 Day Consumption Behaviour Calculation for the 90 Day Promise Period is based on comparing the previous 90 days of a customer’s existing variable kWh rate, daily charge and usage during Peak and Off Peak times (specific to their network), to Flick’s Flat and Off Peak plan rates that were published at the time of the customer joining Flick. The 90 Day Consumption Behaviour Calculation excludes any credits, discounts or ad hoc charges.

6. The 90 Day Consumption Behaviour Calculation does not include comparisons against current published rates on

7. If a customer is moving into a new property, or changes plans, this renews the customer's contract and the 90 Day Consumption Behaviour Calculation will start again 90 days from the date the new contract is started. 

8. The Best Plan Promise does not apply if during the 90 Day Promise Period a customer:

a. switches away from Flick; or

b. moves to the Wholesale price plan; or

c. has an issue with their meter that means we are not properly receiving usage data;

9. Flick will email customers who have been identified in the 90 Day Consumption Behaviour Calculation as those who can save money by switching plans and notify them of any savings they would make from the Best Plan Promise.

10. Customers who receive a Best Plan Promise communication are required to take action themselves and change plans should they wish to do so. 

11. Customers whose calculation indicates they are already on the best plan for their consumption patterns, will receive an email every 180 days, unless the 90 Day Calculation identifies they are eligible to change plans. 

12. The “Best Plan Promise” review of power usage does not include assessment to determine whether you are on the best user plan type for your household. The assessment of user plan type is covered through our annual user plan type review process. For more details on Low and Standard user plan types, please read this blog

13. Flick may cancel or modify the Flickin’ Best Plan Promise, including these terms and conditions, at any time.  Flick may notify customers of such changes on the Flick website or via email, but is not obliged to do so.