Off Peak Terms and Conditions

May 2021

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These Off Peak Plan Specific T&Cs apply to you if you are on our Off Peak plan. These T&Cs apply in addition to our General T&Cs and any other Flick T&Cs that apply to you.

The Off Peak plan allows residential customers to benefit from cheaper off-peak charges.

Your electricity bill

Your Flick bill is made up of kWh charges and daily charges. These charges include: Generation charge, Off Peak plan charge, Flick charge, Network charge, Metering charge and Government levies.

Rate changes

  • The rates you pay are set out on our website when you first sign-up, we can change these rates after giving you at least 30 days prior notice.

General things

  • We’ll give you at least 30 days’ notice (by email or through our customer dashboard or app) before we make a change to your Off Peak plan

  • If we give you notice that we plan to stop offering the Off Peak plan and we don’t hear back from you within 30 days, we can move you to another plan

  • There is no fixed term contract, you can switch away or change plans anytime (the notice periods in our General T&Cs apply)

  • If you want to switch to another Flick plan, we will switch you at midnight that night. Note that the rates available to existing customers that switch plans may be different to the rates available to new customers joining Flick

  • If these Off Peak Plan Specific T&Cs conflict with our General T&Cs, or any other Flick T&Cs that apply to you, these Off Peak Plan specific T&Cs apply

  • If time of use pricing is an option in your network, we may change or require you to change your network pricing category to be eligible for this plan. In some networks, this may limit your ability to change between other pricing categories such as low and standard user for a period of time – this is a network company restriction and is not within Flick’s control

If I move address and want to stay on Flick's Off Peak plan?

If you move and would like to have the Off Peak plan at your new address, new rates and new peak and off-peak times may apply. The rates and peak or off-peak times available to existing customers that move may be different to those available to new customers joining Flick.