Bill Smoother Terms and Conditions

September 2022

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1. These terms cover Bill Smoother by Flick (‘Bill Smoother’) with Flick Energy Limited (‘Flick’). The terms apply to customers who opt in to Bill Smoother.

2. These terms will apply in addition to the Flick Customer Terms and Conditions. If there are any inconsistencies between the two terms, these Bill Smoother Terms and Conditions will prevail.

Bill Smoother

3. Bill Smoother allows you to set a regular payment amount that will be the minimum amount you will pay Flick each billing period (‘Regular Payment’). When your bill is below your Regular Payment amount, the difference between your bill and your Regular Payment amount will be applied as a credit on your Bill Smoother account with Flick (‘Your Bill Smoother’). With Bill Smoother you will also nominate a Bill Smoother trigger amount (‘Bill Smoother Trigger’) that will trigger any credit balance on Your Bill Smoother to be applied to your bill if and to the extent it is higher than the Bill Smoother Trigger amount.

How Bill Smoother is built up and how it is used

4. If your bill is below the Regular Payment amount, you will be charged your Regular Payment amount for that billing period, and the difference between the Regular Payment amount and your bill will be added to the balance of Your Bill Smoother.

5. If your bill is between your Regular Payment amount and Bill Smoother Trigger amount, you will be debited for the bill as normal under our Customer Terms and Conditions.

6. If your bill is over the Bill Smoother Trigger, so long as there is a credit on Your Bill Smoother, that will be used to pay the difference between the Bill Smoother Trigger amount set and your bill. If there is insufficient credit on Your Bill Smoother to cover this amount, we will use an amount equal to the available credit balance on Your Bill Smoother, and we will debit the remaining amount of your bill in the same way as normal under our Customer Terms and Conditions.

Bill Smoother Balance

7. Your Bill Smoother balance will be shown on your Flick customer dashboard and mobile app (or is available by calling our customer experience team).

8. The maximum amount you may have as a credit balance on Your Bill Smoother at any given time is $500. If the credit balance reaches this point we will cease to take any further money above your billed amount until the credit balance on Your Bill Smoother decreases to under $500. The only exception to this is if you have credits applied to your account in accordance with clause 12, which takes the credit balance on your Bill Smoother to over $500.

9. The other clauses of our Customer Terms and Conditions also apply, to the extent relevant. This includes clause 5.6 of the Customer Terms and Conditions, relating to the process for estimating your usage in the event that final data is not available in time to create your bill. In this case, we will follow the same process as set out in that clause. Any revised credit amounts will be credited on Your Bill Smoother.

10. If you do not pay your Flick bill we will follow the debt process outlined in our Terms and Conditions. If you are in the Flick debt process, we may use the balance on Your Bill Smoother for any outstanding bills.

11. No interest will be earned on any credit balance on Your Bill Smoother.

Other Credits

12. If you receive other credits while signed up to Bill Smoother, for example, network rebates, competition credits or otherwise, we will credit these on Your Bill Smoother. You can adjust your Bill Smoother settings at any time including if you wish to use these other credits to pay for your next bill or bills after receiving them. When Your Bill Smoother is used to contribute to a bill after receiving network credits, these credits will be the first to be used (as opposed to other sums previously credited to Your Bill Smoother).


13. We may make recommendations as to what suitable levels of contributions to Your Bill Smoother are. Because every household’s electricity use and circumstances are different these recommendations are not guaranteed to ensure that you will always have enough in Your Bill Smoother to cover any higher bills. You are liable for all energy charges billed to your Flick account, in this case.

14. You are responsible for monitoring Bill Smoother contributions to ensure they are sufficient and we have no liability whatsoever in relation to your use of Bill Smoother or any recommendation we may make regarding your contributions on Your Bill Smoother.

Amendments to your Bill Smoother

15. You can request to change your Regular Payment amount and Bill Smoother Trigger in your mobile app or by calling our customer service team.

16. You can also request to pause Bill Smoother, in which case we will stop taking contributions to Your Bill Smoother, but any credit balance on Your Bill Smoother will continue to be applied to any bills received that are over your Bill Smoother Trigger amount or in circumstances where clause 10 applies, until you resume contributing to Your Bill Smoother, or you decide to stop using Bill Smoother in accordance with clauses 23 – 25.

Please note that the request to change or pause your Bill Smoother, as mentioned above in clauses 15 and 16, may not take effect immediately, as this will be dependent on:

a) The day the request was made
b) The date of your next billing cycle

If your next billing cycle is on the following Tuesday, you must change your Bill Smoother settings before Sunday in order for the change to take effect on your upcoming bill. If changes are made on or after Sunday, they will come into effect on the following bill.

Partial billing cycles

17. Bill Smoother will only be applied to full billing cycles. For example, if you set up Bill Smoother part-way through a billing cycle, or your next bill is only a partial bill, we won’t apply your Bill Smoother settings until your next full billing cycle.

Availability of Plan

18. We reserve the right to remove your right to use Bill Smoother or ask you to switch away from Flick if we suspect any breach of law or our terms and conditions.

Credit balances on Your Bill Smoother

19. A refund of any credit balance on Your Bill Smoother will be at Flick’s discretion and is not guaranteed. In considering any request you may make for a refund of any or all of the credit balance on Your Bill Smoother, Flick will consider a range of factors including the balance of your Flick account and other information relevant to you and your account with us.

20. If there is money owing on your Flick account, we will always first ensure there will continue to be an adequate credit balance on Your Bill Smoother to cover this when considering whether to approve a refund of a credit balance.

21. If you are switching away from Flick, any request for a refund of a credit balance on Your Bill Smoother will be processed in accordance with clause 25.

22. If you elect to stop using Bill Smoother but are not switching away from Flick, the credit balance on Your Bill Smoother will be applied as set out in clause 24.

23. Flick will endeavour to process any refund within 5 working days of approval of the refund.

Termination by Customer

24. There is no minimum term that customers must stay with Bill Smoother; customers may leave Flick at any time or change from Bill Smoother to the standard Flick pricing plan. In this situation, we will change your plan as soon as possible, but if you change on a Monday or Tuesday you may not be changed over until the next billing period.

25. If you elect to stop using Bill Smoother, your balance will be transferred to a credit on your Flick account, that will be applied against subsequent bills with Flick.

26. If you switch away from Flick, we will calculate your final bill and any approved refund of any remaining credit on Your Bill Smoother will be taken into account as part of this final wash-up once all outstanding amounts are applied.

Price Change or Termination of Plan by Flick

27. In the event that we cease to offer Bill Smoother, or change anything about Bill Smoother, we will provide you 30 days’ notice.

28. You can elect to continue with Bill Smoother after being notified of changes, or you are free to leave Bill Smoother at any time.

29. In the event Bill Smoother is no longer able to be offered, you will automatically be switched to the standard Flick offering. If you no longer wish to be a Flick customer, you are free to leave at any time as set out in our Flick Customer Terms and Conditions.