Free Power Prize Competition Terms and Conditions

May 2019

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1. From time to time, Flick Energy Limited (‘Flick’) may run competitions by offering the chance to win a week or a month’s free power or a credit to your Flick account (referred to as either (our ‘Free Power Competition’ or a ‘Prize Credit’). These terms and conditions apply to eligible entrants (‘Entrant’s’) in addition to the Flick Terms and Conditions. This Free Power Competition will open to Entrants at time and date advertised and will end at 5pm on the end date advertised. Entry into this Free Power Competition implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. Where Flick runs its Free Power Competitions, Flick will pay one calendar months’ worth of electricity that is generated on an Entrants’ bill for the week or month advertised, or as notified to the Entrant by Flick (‘Prize’). Flick will calculate the Entrant’s average bills on their current pricing plan and load group over the preceding month to determine a reasonable limit of the value of the Prize (‘Limit’). If the Entrant’s power usage exceeds the Limit, then Flick in its sole discretion may either; pay the Limit excess or, require the Entrant to pay the excess over the Limit. Where Flick offers a Prize Credit to an Entrant’s Flick customer account (‘Prize’) then Flick will credit the account with the advertised sum.

3. The winning Entrant will continue to receive bills throughout the term of the Prize, although a credit to the value of each bill generated will be applied thereby displaying a zero balance, subject to clause 2.

4. For the avoidance of doubt, this Free Power Competition excludes an Entrant’s outstanding debt or other fees already on the Entrant’s customer account and the Prize is non-redeemable, non-transferable, non-exchangeable for other services, prizes, cash, or any other benefit.

5. The winning Entrant will be selected from a random number generated by a unique identifier (‘Random Generator’). Flick will contact the winning Entrant by phone or email. If the winning Entrant fails to accept the Prize within 7 business days of notification, Flick reserves the right in its sole discretion to either award the Prize to another Entrant using the Random Generator, or not offer the Prize at all.

6. Eligibility: Entrant’s must have a Flick customer account and be over the age of 18. Only one entry per Flick customer account will be accepted. If the Entrant ceases to hold a Flick customer account during the term of the Prize or before they have used some or all the Prize, the Prize will be forfeited. Flick employees, contractors, or any other Flick personnel, will not be eligible to enter the Free Power Competition or win the Prize.

7. Eligibility into the Free Power Competition, operation of the Prize draw, and allocation of Prizes, will be at Flick’s sole discretion and Flick’s decision will be final. Flick reserves the right to terminate, modify or suspend the Free Power Competition without notice.

8. Entrants agree that by entering into this Free Power Competition they are providing their full consent to Flick to use their personal information, image or likeness for Flick’s promotional and advertising purposes concerning the Free Power Competition. The Entrant also agrees to participate in other promotional or advertising activities as Flick may require and Flick will not be required to provide any payment or other compensation in any form to the Entrant, except reasonable travel expenses.

9. These Free Power Competition terms apply in addition to the standard Flick Terms and Conditions.