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Super Savings at Flick Electric Co.

Super savings

Our customers saved on average 24% in the past year, because they've got access to the wholesale cost of NZ's electricty supply. The spot price gives you the freedom to choose when and how you use your power, and to maximise your savings

No Fixed Term Contracts - Flick Electric Co.

No fixed term contracts

You can sleep easy knowing that you're free to leave us whenever you want, without any nasty break fees (although we don't think you'll want to).

Smart phone showing how Flick tracks your prices

Smart tools

We use smart meter technology and our award-winning software to put customers in control of their power bill. Customers get up to date prcing so they can make smart changes on the fly.

96% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - Flick

Customer satisfaction

We're not going to give you the cold shoulder - our friendly customer team are always on hand to help you get the best out of #FlickLife.

Flick customers get the VIP treatment at this year's NZ Comedy Fest! Why not join us?

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Questions? We've got the answers

Do I need a smart meter to join Flick?

Yes you do. To give you the spot price of power we need to be able to read your meter every half hour of every day and that’s only possible with a smart meter.

We aren't able to upgrade your meter for you at this stage, but you should be able to arrange an upgrade through another retailer.

What price will I pay with Flick?

The price you'll pay is dependent on your meter set up and where you live, so you might be on a different plan in your new house than you used to be on. You can find out what others in your area pay, and the pricing schedules for each region here.

What happens when spot prices spike?

From time to time spot prices do spike, but a spike usually only lasts for one or two half hour periods. Along with exposure to the occasional price spike comes access to the low spot prices that we see 41.22% of the time, so we're confident you'll be better off in the long run with Flick. Find out more about price spikes on our blog.

NZ Spot Distribution

Can I get my gas through you too?

We don't supply gas, but plenty of Flick customers have their electricity with us and their gas with another retailer. It’s easy and it’s worth it. You can check out Powerswitch to find the cheapest gas provider to complement your power deal.

How do I pay my bill with Flick?

We send you your weekly bill each Tuesday and take your payment on Thursday via Direct Debit from your bank account or Credit Card.