Power at your fingertips

It’s power in the palm of your hand

Access all your electricity info on the go with the Flick app. View your live power prices and bills, track your usage, monitor your carbon impact and manage your account all from one handy location. Download the Flick app on Google Play or the Apple Store.

Keep on top of bills

Monitor your money with the Flick mobile app. See at a glance how much your next bill will be and view the amounts you’ve paid for previous power bills to track your spend and usage over time. Change your billing frequency within the app, set up Bill Smoother to keep those power bills predictable, and check your Bill Smoother balance at any time.

Graph of bills over time

Want the detailed data on when you’re using your power? The Flick app lets you toggle by week, fortnight or month to view your kWh usage, your spend and your daily usage chart. Compare them with the previous week or year, and if you’re on Off Peak or Wholesale, track how much off-peak power you’re using.

Track your trends
See the live price of your power

If you’re on our Off Peak or Wholesale pricing plans, you can stay up with the pricing play on your Flick app. Know the kWh price you’re paying for electricity in real-time, monitor off-peak hours and see when your power’s cheaper to kick those savings up a notch.

Price tag
Track your carbon impact

Access our (world-first) Carbon Tracker tool from the Flick mobile app. Keep tabs on the carbon emissions being generated by NZ’s electricity industry as well as your own personalised carbon footprint data. See how much carbon your power use contributes, choose when to switch things on and off to make a difference, and balance your emissions with our partner charity, Trees That Count.


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