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Off Peak EV charging

Charge for cheap 76% of the week

Join our Off Peak Plan and charge your electric vehicle during off-peak hours, which covers 76% of the week (128 hours), giving you windows of charging time throughout the day and night at limbo-low prices.

Off-peak hours are 11am-5pm, 9pm-7am and all weekend from 12am Saturday - 6.59am Monday.

Cheap power for EV owners

No fast charger? No problem. With the long stretches of off-peak hours, you can maximise your charge at low rates. We know you’ll still need to use power during peak times, so we’ve made sure our peak rate is still fairly priced. And as with all things Flick, there’s no fixed-term contracts or exit fees. Send through your latest bill and we’ll tell you what you would have paid for that same power with Flick.


How to charge your electric car at home

On our Off Peak plan, you’ll pay a different rate for the power you use during peak and off-peak hours. Set a timer on your car or charger to charge during off peak hours (like overnight, between 9pm and 7am) to take advantage of cheap power.

Our Off Peak plan encourages our customers to use power when there’s less demand, spreading the load more evenly across the day and placing less pressure on the national grid at high-demand times. So it makes sense to make the most of charging an EV during this time. And bonus, using power off-peak is kinder to the environment, too.

Off-peak hours are 11am-5pm, 9pm-7am and all weekend

The more you shift, the more you save

With Off Peak, the power’s in your hands. By making a few small changes to when you consume your power, cheaper power prices are yours for the taking - think late-night laundry, baking Sundays, and overnight EV charging. Off-peak charging is made simple with the timers on electric cars, you barely have to think about it. Shift like a boss and watch the savings mount up.


This plan includes our Flickin' Best Plan Promise

We’ll be able to tell you if your electricity usage data means that you’re on the best Flick plan for your household, or if there’s savings to be made by changing to a different Flick plan. Easy!


I have an EV and the ability to charge off peak including all weekend is great" - Ian from Christchurch


When are the Off Peak hours?

Off-peak hours are 11am-5pm, 9pm-7am and all weekend long.

If Public Holidays fall on a weekday, off-peak times and rates will apply as a normal weekday.

How much cheaper is off-peak than peak?

This depends which network you’re in, what your meter set-up is, and whether you're a Low or Standard User. The best way to check is to enter your address in our Address Checker and take a look at your per unit prices for peak and off-peak times.

What are the Off Peak plan terms and conditions?

You can read the full Off Peak terms and conditions here.

How much can I save on my bill if I move usage to off-peak?

It’s over to you how much you save - as we like to say, the power's in your hands. Flick's rate for off-peak (and, actually, our peak rate, too) is one of the best hourly kilowatt rates out there, so we'd suggest trying a bill compare to see what you’d save with Flick on our standard rate, then have a think about how much power you'll be able to shift to off-peak to maximise those savings.

How much does it cost to charge an EV in NZ?

To charge an EV the average cost is $3 for every 100km. In comparison to the cost of petrol, this is some serious savings.

How long does it take to charge an EV at home?

EV charging times vary depending on the type of EV and the type of charger you have. We found that our EV customers tend to charge their cars between 5 - 9 hours everyday. But with our Off Peak plan there's no need to worry, just charge while you sleep!