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We've been fighting for change in the electricity industry since the beginning, and getting the word out through the media to educate and inform consumers is part of the way we do that. So, read on to keep up with Flick and the electricity industry with our latest articles.

Petitions & Submissions

We’re engaging Government and regulatory bodies behind the scenes to make bills affordable and reach our climate change goals.

3 October 2023, Submission (PDF)
Independent retailers submission on Consumer Care Guidelines

20 June 2023, Submission (PDF)
Flick Electric's submission on CCC's Draft Advice (second emissions reduction plan)

28 April 2023, Submission (PDF)
Flick Electric submission on Energy Hardship Panel Discussion Paper
Independent retailers submission on Hardship Panel Discussion Paper

22 October 2022, Petition (oral presentation)
Petition of Flick Electric Co.: Reform New Zealand's electricity market – hearing of evidence

25 January 2022, Submission (PDF)
Flick Electric 2021 Dry Year Review

22 December 2021, Submission (PDF)
Flick Electric submission on Wholesale Market Review

11 November 2021, Petition
Petition of Flick Electric Co.: Reform New Zealand's electricity market

13 August 2021, Submission (PDF)
Flick Electric joins Haast Trading & Electric Kiwi UTS claim

10 May 2021, Submission (PDF)
Joint submission on transfer pricing

30 March 2021, Submission (PDF)
Flick Electric submission on CCC Draft Advice

18 August 2020, Submission (PDF)
Independent retailers response to UTS preliminary decision

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