Sign Up Credit Terms and Conditions

15 May 2024

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From time to time Flick Energy Limited (‘Flick’) may offer promotional credits
of different amounts that may be applied to new customers account balances
or Bill Smoother balances (‘Power Credit’).

  1. Eligible new customers are those who join Flick within the promotional period and:

    1. have not been a Flick customer within the past two years

    2. who Flick is able to serve, after passing any necessary credit checks

2. Power Credits are applied to their accounts or Bill Smoother balances, as soon as possible after the relevant promotion.

3. The Power Credit is not transferrable, refundable nor redeemable for cash.

4. If the eligible customer leaves Flick before they have used all the Power Credit, or fails to open a Bill Smoother account within a reasonable time after joining Flick, if applicable, the Power Credit will be forfeited.

5. Each eligible customer will only be eligible to receive a Power Credit from Flick once.

6. If we reasonably believe that you are misusing the use of the promo codes and/or Power Credits and/or claiming multiple Power Credits or are otherwise in breach of our T&Cs, we can choose not to give you the Power Credits.

7. Acceptance of a Power Credit implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions.
These Power Credit terms apply in addition to Flick Terms and Conditions, and
Bill Smoother Terms and Conditions, if applicable.

8. Flick reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, or cease to offer such promos, at any time.