Why choose Flick

Fairness is at the heart of what we do.

We’re pushing hard for reform to stop those that generate power dominating the market and keeping prices high across the board. Tinkering at the edges won’t cut it. Sign our petition to the Government to bring power prices down.

Join the revolution

As with any revolution, the power’s with the people. We can’t do this alone - we need you to demand change by signing our petition. While over 80 percent of Kiwi power consumers still buy from the 'Big 5', some of you have had enough. With Flick you send a message to big corporations that you won’t stand by while they profiteer.

Energy hardship in Aotearoa

Energy hardship’s on the rise. An Otago University study found 20 percent of Kiwis have gone without heating or power. When families struggle with a basic need it’s clear the system is failing our people.

Needlessly high prices don’t help. That’s why we’re fighting to end the market power of big power companies that’s keeping prices up and stymying change by smaller companies.

Climate change 

Aotearoa's on a mission to get to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To meet those goals, it’s critical we end our reliance on fossil fuel and make the transition to green electricity for energy. That means it's more vital than ever that power is affordable and that we build more renewable generation to meet demand. But right now the price of power is putting that energy transition at risk - so we're demanding change.

C02 neutral

How we’re campaigning

We’re activists for change and we’ll keep challenging, disrupting and demanding more action through:

  • Dozens of submissions on policy change and reform like the Electricity Price Review

  • Multiple complaints to the Electricity Authority to hold rule breakers accountable

  • Being vocal in the media

  • Regular meetings with the Energy Minister and officials

Protest signs