Flick for a fairer Aotearoa

We’re a Kiwi company with a conscience. We have a voice, and we are using it for good. Ready to give a Flick? It’s on.

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A Kiwi company with a conscience.

We help Aotearoa take charge of power by taking the side of the people; helping them build community and bringing heart to tech solutions that just aren't fair.

We pride ourselves on being the company Kiwis come to because they just want to see more change in their world. We stand with and beside all the people of New Zealand. Our solution is your solution. Your side is our side. We’re in this together. Flick yeah.

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A carbon-free economy.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to minimising the day-to-day carbon emission levels of Flick as a business. We’re Toitū carbonzero certified, which means we’re carbon neutral and we’re audited each year to check that we’re complying with the standards. We’ve worked seriously hard to reduce our emissions across the board from things like travel, landfill waste and electricity and offset unavoidable emissions through carbon credits going towards regenerating native NZ forests.
We’re members of the Climate Leaders Coalition, formalising our commitment to take voluntary action on climate change. As part of this, we've committed to maintaining our scope 1 and 2 emissions at as close to zero as possible and continuing to offset any emissions. Flick’s also pushing for change within the electricity industry, so that we can ensure we’re doing our bit for a carbon-free economy.

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Transparent pricing.

Whether you're riding the spot market with Freestyleor smoothing the ride with Fixie, we'll break down your bills to show you exactly what you're paying for. And if your network offers 'Time of use', or their fees change and there's savings to be had, we'll pass those through to you, too. Now that's what we call fair and transparent pricing.

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A sustainable difference.

We all have a responsibility to think about the carbon emissions being created to satisfy our thirst for electricity. Flick gives customers the tools to easily do their bit. Our world-first Choice app sends customers alerts based on total carbon emissions on the national grid, so they know the best time to use electricity to reduce their carbon footprint. Flicksters can track their personal emissions and choose to balance them through our partner charity, Trees That Count.

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We are the conscious choice.

It’s no accident that you’re here. There’s a restless spirit that burns deep inside you. You believe in what’s right, what needs saying. You believe in the need to challenge and the right to resolve. We know, because that same enlightened spirit burns deep inside us too. You want a solution – and we bring heart to our solutions. We are deliberately on your side.

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