Flick Electric Company

Control and choice

It's time you had real power

And right now, every dollar counts. Get the best value deal power deal - without any fixed term contracts or break fees - with the fairer, Consumer Trusted power company that puts you in control. Because it's your power now.

Fixed-generation or wholesale price plans

Love everyday value? Choose one of our fixed-rate power plans for something hassle-free, or earn ongoing power and fuel rewards.

And if the spot market looks good? You can switch to our wholesale plan any time.


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Control how often and how much you pay

Choose from a weekly, fortnightly or monthly billing cycle.

Use Volt to choose a regular bill payment, build up credit with anything extra you pay, and help smooth out your bills year-round.


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Control your spend with the Flick app

The Flick app is the control centre for Flicksters. Here you can monitor prices, manage your account and utilise the tools to get great savings.


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Locally operated and trusted

We're chuffed to have Consumer’s tick of approval six years running! Our award-winning (and super friendly!) Customer Experience team are located in litle-ole Wellington and will help you get all the facts about your power and your pricing.

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Your face when you have...

Control over price

Fixed-generation or wholesale power prices: the choice is yours.

Why fixed?
Get simple, transparent pricing at a set-and-forget, steady rate. Stay sweet on one of our fixed-generation price plans like FIXIE or EARNIE.

Why wholesale?
Purchase your power at the wholesale price, without any mark-up, on Freestyle. Use the Flick app to switch your power usage and make the most of the times of day when prices are limbo-low.

And by the way, no matter which Flick price plan you choose, you can change at any time. You’ve got control!

That look of surprise when you finally have...

Control over your bills

Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly billing, and pay by direct debit or credit card - whichever works best for you!

Like to stick to a household budget? You’ll love our bill smoother, Volt, which helps keep those power bills predictable. Build up a stash of credit in your Volt for times when bills are higher, and rest easy knowing what you’re paying for power each week.

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In safe hands

Locally operated from our Flick HQ in Wellington, we pride ourselves on our award-winning, human, customer service. In fact, our team’s been awarded Consumer NZ’s tick of approval six years running.

We’re built on the bones of fairness, honesty and transparency. We don’t do fixed-term contracts, break fees or any nasty surprises. And that’s something we’re flickin’ proud of.

Live power prices

Know exactly what you're paying for power, real-time. The Flick mobile app shows you the live price of power for your household, which changes every half hour if you're accessing spot prices on Flick Freestyle. The Flick app also sends alerts when prices get high or low, and gives you a forecast price for the upcoming half hour period, so you'll know when to turn things on and off to manage your power bill.

If you're on Flick FIXIE or EARNIE in a network area where your price changes depending on the time or season, the price in your app will change so you’ll know when to use power to take advantage of lower price times.

Fixie by Flick Electric Co

Modern, efficient, professional, young, energetic, innovative, tech savvy. I would be genuinely really, really upset if I lost my services with Flick.

Here Kairua - long term Flickster, Auckland

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20,000+ happy customers

Flick began as a humble tech start-up in 2014, and has since grown to supply over 20,000 happy Kiwis with their power needs. We've had Consumer's tick of approval four years running with an award-winning Customer Experience team, and are dedicated to introducing fairness to the stagnant NZ power industry. #FlickYeah!

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Fair and inclusive employer

Diversity, inclusion and absolute fairness are cornerstone principles of life at Flick HQ. We're proud to have passed Rainbow Tick Certification annually since 2016 with flying rainbow colours, and since Flick began we’ve paid our team the Living Wage, as a minimum. Read more about who we are at Flick HQ.

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carboNZero Certified

For Flick, it's not just about fairness to our people - we've been carboNZero Certified since 2016. Our care for the environment is why we developed CHOICE - a world-first tool that allows Kiwis to monitor the live carbon impact of electricity in Aotearoa, and make choices to reduce their household's impact.

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Powering NZ's energy future

We proudly partnered with Z Energy in 2018 to help bring the very best energy choices to as many Kiwis as possible. Z's investment in Flick
is just the start of the partnership - the next steps are to work together to determine how to offer more innovative solutions for customers’ current and future energy needs. Watch this space!

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