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Wholesale power, no ups and downs

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Take power over your power

If you're sick of stuffy, run-of-the-mill power companies who sit pretty while you offer up your life savings to cover power bills, fear no more. We're a bunch of kiwis who feel exactly the same, and we're out to shake up a boring industry that's got away with nonsense for far too long.

Because you deserve better. We believe you shouldn't have to choose between putting the heater on and paying your rent. You should have full control of how much you're spending, and know exactly what your bill is going to cost you. Finally, you get to see the price of power and what that means for the family budget, and the environment.

The power is yours

Access wholesale power prices

Don't pay a cent more than it costs to get the power to your place. With Flick, whatever we pay for power is the same price we sell it on to you for. Ride the market and reap the rewards with our spot price plan, Freestyle, or choose FIXIE and smooth the ride with a fixed generation price.

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Choose what you use, control what you pay

Choose to actively monitor spot prices and control what you pay with Freestyle, or choose FIXIE and smooth the ride with a fixed generation price. Pay the actual cost of your bill weekly, or choose to pay a regular amount with Volt. Choose to monitor NZ's carbon emissions from electricity with CHOICE, and reduce the carbon footprint of your new home. Get power over your power!

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We've got your back

We're chuffed to be back-to-back winners of the Consumer NZ People's Choice award for 2017 and 2018! With the highest customer satisfaction rating both years, we're stoked to be introducing fairness, honesty and total transparency to an industry that has sat stale for far too long.

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Flick CEO Steve O'Connor

New Zealanders deserve a properly functioning market that enables product innovation and consumer choice.

Steve O'Connor, CEO - Flick Electric Co.

Read why we're fighting for fairness.