Flick Electric Company

Non-communicating power meter?

Oh no! It looks like we might have a fault on our hands. We rely on meters communicating properly, so it is unlikely that we’ll be able to bill you accurately until we get this sorted. Don’t worry though, just fill out the form below and we’ll get straight onto investigating how to fix it.

So, what might be going on? Problems can be caused by poor cell reception, home renovations, faulty metering equipment or unauthorised changes to meter location or configuration.

A few things for you to note. Any power used will still be chargeable to you. A correction may be applied to your invoices once we have actual reads from your meter.

If someone is sent to your property and finds that the fault was caused by meter tampering, there may be a fee charged to cover the work to fix the damage, which we’ll talk through with you at the time.