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We're here to help

We're keeping the lights on through the latest COVID-19 lockdown

It’s a strange and uncertain time for all of us right now, and we know that the implications of COVID-19 mean that the admin of ordinary life - like paying your power bills - can become a whole other stress entirely.

Here at Flick, we’re very aware that these tough times might mean some of our awesome Flicksters struggle to pay their bills, but please, don’t panic. Rest assured that we’re focused on keeping the lights on, and making sure we’ve got staff on the phones and processes in place to help you through it. So, what to do?

What If I can't pay my bill?

We understand that being able to pay bills during this uncertain time can be tough. Here's where you can get help:

Government Help

The Government's COVID-19 website and COVID-19 recovery package, offer different avenues of financial help.

Or give the Government Helpline a call on 0800 779 997 (8am–1am, 7 days a week).

The Ministry of Social Development also offers help for those who’re having trouble paying their power bills (at any time), and you don’t need to be on a benefit to qualify.

We're here too

If you think you might have issues being able to pay your bill, fill out this form, or email us at hello@flickelectric.co.nz. Contacting us through these digital channels is the fastest way to get help.

Our team's wellbeing is top of mind too, so they are all set up at home to answer your queries from 08.00am - 08.00pm Monday to Wednesday, 08.00am - 04:30pm on Thursday to Friday & 08:30am - 05:00pm Saturday & Sunday and are here to help you and your situation.

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Power saving tips

Our appliances make up a big part of our bills. Hot water cylinders make up 28% of all power bills (according to EECA)! That’s some serious power hunger. But different appliances have a different impact on your bill, so knowing how much each appliance costs can help you save some mullah.

We know everyone's spending a lot more time at home, so your normal power saving tips are harder to stick by. But did you know that there are also a few lesser-known tips and tricks that can help minimise the sting of higher power bills? Read our blog on not-your-usual-power-tips.

Don't forget the Flick tools in your artillery that might help navigate power use and manage bills over the coming weeks.

  1. Head to the Analyze tab on your dashboard to track usage by time of day, day of week or through the month to keep on top of how much power you're using.

  2. Choose a billing frequency to manage your budget more closely or make bill payment line up with your pay day. Flick has three different options for billing frequency - weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Choose which one suits you best and you can change at any point!

  3. Use the Flick app to see what your appliances will cost for every 30 minutes you're using them.

  4. If you're on Wholesale, watch the spot price, and use power when the price is best, to do those jobs that can easily be shifted.

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Get Power Bill-Prepped with Bill Smoother (aka Volt)

Power bills aren’t exactly a bundle of fun at the best of times, but thanks to COVID-19 and the uncertainty that’s tagging along on the back of it, in the coming months it’s likely lots of Kiwis will feel the pinch when it comes to paying their power bills.

How can we help? Well, one tool in the Flick armoury that we reckon you might find useful is our Bill Smoother tool. This nifty little bill-smoother helps you to build up credit on your account that can be used when your power bills are a bit higher than normal or when money’s looking tight. Read more on how you can Get Bill-Prepped with Bill Smoother here.

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