Get a bill comparison

How much could you save?

Send through a recent full Bill PDF invoice from your current retailer and we’ll tell you what you would have paid for that same power with Flick.


How do you calculate a bill comparison?

To calculate a bill comparison we do the following:

  1. We take the number of days your bill was for and multiply the fixed daily rate to work out the fixed cost

  2. We take the usage consumption for your bill period and the kWh variable rate(s) to work out the total variable costs

  3. We then factor in any competitor and regular discounts that are applied on your bill

  4. Lastly, we compare this with our equivalent and current rate(s) to work out the difference in price from your bill, compared to what you would get at Flick.

NB: For our Off Peak plan, we factor in average usage splits between off-peak and peak periods (based on Flick's customer base).

How do you calculate what I could save with Flick, annually?

To calculate an annual savings amount, we take the monthly savings from your bill and factor in a national seasonal usage profile across the 12 months of the year – to ensure we are not overstating consumption from a single bill period.