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WORD mountain biking scholarships

Getting future flickers outside

Help Flick get more kids on trails

Our mission to help end energy poverty in Aotearoa through fair and honest practice doesn't stop at the light switch. It's why we've chosen to sponsor the non-profit youth mountain biking organisation, WORD.

We’re funding the WORD Scholarship Programme to give more kids access to Wellington's trail network. The fund helps kids overcome all kinds of barriers to participation, like transport, equipment and WORD fees, and it helps put on events like Bike-A-Polooza!

You can help get more kids on the trails by joining Flick with the promo code WORD. For every code used, we'll chuck an extra $50 into the WORD Scholarship Fund. Even better for you, we'll add a $50 credit to your brand new Flick account - sweet deal!

Pick a plan to suit your needs

Flick have two simple plans to help you get the fairest power deal - Freestyle and FIXIE.

Actively monitor spot prices and have the freedom to load shift on Freestyle, or get on FIXIE if you're after peace of mind with a fixed generation price.

Freestyle Plan

Happy to ride the highs and lows of the spot market? With Freestyle, you've got access to wholesale power prices, which change every 30 minutes. Monitor live spot prices and use electricity when it costs you less!

Reap the rewards with Freestyle:

  • Are you happy to change the times of day you use power?
  • Can you budget for changing prices and variable bills?
  • Looking for no-fixed term contracts or break fees?
More about Freestyle Plan


Looking for a fixed power price and more predictable bills? Pay a steady, fixed generation price for six months at a time with FIXIE.

Keep it simple with FIXIE:

  • Rather not change when you do things around the home?
  • Want a predictable price thats steady throughout the day?
  • Looking for no fixed-term contracts or break fees?
More about FIXIE Plan

Plus we've got a bunch of super useful tools, too.

Smooth payments with Volt

Whether you're on Freestyle, EARNIE or FIXIE, use Volt to choose a regular bill payment, build up credit with anything extra you pay, and help smooth out your bills year-round.


Track live prices for Freestyle with the app

The Flick app is the control centre for Flicksters. Here you can monitor prices, manage your account and utilise the tools to get great savings.


Carbon count with CHOICE

See your impact, make your CHOICE. Track personalised carbon footprint data, and measure national emissions to reduce your impact.


Sell back on Home Harvest

Home Harvest is the smartest way to sell power. When using Home Harvest you can monitor the live spot price and sell back when the price is right.