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Putting our money where our mouth is

Here at Flick, we think of ourselves as being part of the wider NZ community - as a company we're only as strong as that community and the natural environment that supports it.

That's even more true when it comes to our role as a power retailer. The way our energy is produced and consumed is a critical piece of the carbon puzzle, and we want to do everything we can to help Kiwis be conscious consumers.

When you join Flick, we'll calculate the carbon impact of your electricity consumption daily, and update this through CHOICE, in the Flick app. You can use this information to manage how you use your electricity, and offset your carbon footprint with our partner charity, Trees That Count.

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Offset your household's carbon emissions from electricity

Offset your carbon emissions

In this day and time, carbon emissions are inevitable, which can make reducing your carbon footprint feel pretty daunting. That's why we’ve linked up with the brilliant team at Trees That Count.

They're on a mission to plant millions more native trees that count – for climate change, for biodiversity, and to enhance our beautiful country.

You can support this ambitious goal by funding a native tree for just $10, which will be planted by a community group on your behalf.

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The Environment Series

Think you're using 100% renewable electricity because you've consciously signed up to a specific power company? We're sorry to say, you're not.

Subscribe now to find out where your power's coming from, and what you can do to truly reduce your household's carbon emissions. Each of the three emails in the series will take about 5 minutes to read, and should leave you feeling empowered.