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Smooth payments with Volt

Make your power bills predictable

Control what you pay each week with Volt

Volt is a way of giving you more control over your weekly payments to Flick, which can make your budgeting easier. Think of it as a payment smoother.

When you open a Flick Volt, you get to choose a regular amount to pay to Flick each week. By making this a little higher than your regular weekly bill, you'll build up a wee stash of cash that you can then use to knock the top off any higher than normal bills. You can then keep track of your Volt in your Flick app or Dashboard. Volt is only available in the Flick app.

How Volt works

Step 1: Set up your Volt

Decide how much you want to pay each week (your Regular Payment), and when you want us to take money from your Volt to help pay your bill (your Volt Trigger).

You can edit your settings easily in your app, whenever you want.

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Step 2: Get your weekly Flick bill

We still issue you your normal bill each Tuesday, and take a payment on Thursday.

But what we take, and from where, depends on how you've set up your Volt. You are in complete control!

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Step 3: Let your Volt go to work

When you get your bill, one of three scenarios will play out.

  • If your bill is less than your payment, the difference goes into your Volt;
  • If it's more than your planned payment, we take the full amount;
  • If it's over your trigger, we use what's in Volt to pay the amount over your trigger.
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Predictable bills, full control

We recommend setting your regular payment about 20% higher than your typical bill; that way most weeks your payment will be fixed and you'll tuck some change away that can be used to pay the occasional higher bill.

For example... if your bills are normally around $30, set your regular payment at $36, then you'll only need to pay more than you're expecting when your bills are over $36.

Important to note: If you get a bill that sits between your regular payment and your Volt trigger amount, the difference will be deducted from your bank account or credit card like normal.

The power of making Volt work for your flat

Simplicity is pretty darn sweet, we reckon. Especially when it comes to paying your household’s power bills. And even more so when you’re living with multiple people in a flatting situation. So, when Flickster Sophie and her three flatmates made the move to Flick in December 2018, they knew that signing up to Flick’s bill-smoothing, set-and-forget tool, Volt, was a no-brainer.

See how Sophie setup Volt to work for her flat

Flick Electric Co Volt Testimonial

How customers are using Volt

Matthew, Auckland

"It's just me in my apartment and I really just want a stash to cover the odd price spike, so I've set my regular payment at $18 and my trigger at $30."

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Jessica, Wellington

"I've set my payments at $60 (35% higher than my normal weekly bill), and I've set my trigger in the same place. This should mean I never pay more than $60."

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Emily, Christchurch

"I've got a bit of a stash but money's a bit tight for the next few weeks, so I've dropped my payment and trigger to $0 so our next few bills come straight out of our Volt."

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There's no such thing as a silly question

Questions? We've got answers

Frequent Volt questions

How do I open a Volt?

Go to the Account tab in your Flick mobile app and click 'Get a Flick Volt'. After you set a Regular Payment and a Volt Trigger, your Volt will be activated for the next week starting on a Monday.

Not keen on using the app? Give us a call on 0800 435 425 and we'll set your Volt up for you over the phone.

Can I add a lump sum to my Volt?

The way to do this is to add how much you want to put in to your Regular Payment for one week, and then change it back.

So if your Regular Payment is $30 and you want to add $100, then make your Regular Payment $130 for one week (before Sunday) and then change it back after the payment is taken on Thursday (but before Sunday).

What do I do if I want to use my Volt up?

If you want to run your Volt down quickly, then set your Volt Trigger to $0 and we'll take the full amount of your next bill out of your Volt.

Remember though, having a Volt gives you a stash to take the edge off the occasional high bill, so if you deliberately run it down, you won't have that option anymore.

Will I ever pay more than my Regular Payment?

Possibly, it depends how you set your Volt up. Remember, you have all the control!

Here are the things that could happen each week...

If your bill is lower than your regular payment
Then the difference between your bill and your payment goes into your Volt

If your bill is higher than your regular payment, but less than your Volt trigger
Then we deduct the total bill from your bank account/credit card.

If your bill is higher than your Volt trigger
Then the amount up to your Volt trigger will be deducted from your bank account/credit card, and the amount above your Volt trigger will come out of your Volt.

If your bill is higher than your Volt trigger but there isn’t enough in your Volt to cover it
Then the amount up to your Volt trigger will be deducted from your bank account/credit card, your Volt will be emptied, and any outstanding balance will be deducted from your bank account/credit card.

Can I pause my Regular Payments?

When your Volt is paused, you’ll go back to paying the same amount as your weekly bill every Thursday.

If your weekly bill is more than your Volt trigger, the amount above your trigger will come from your Volt until your credit is used up.

When you reactivate your Volt, your regular payments will start again on the Thursday of the following week.

Remember you can always reduce the amount of your Regular Payments if you find you're paying too much or need to reduce your weekly outgoings.

Is there a limit to how much I can have in my Volt?

You can have up to $500 in your Volt. If you reach this threshold, we'll automatically stop your contributions.

Can I get my credit back?

If you need your credit with Flick refunded to you, you can contact us on 0800 435 425 or hello@flickelectric.co.nz to request a credit refund.

We will look at your debt balance, the timing of upcoming bills, and how much is in your Volt, to make a plan with you.

If you are leaving Flick, any possible refund will be processed after your final bill is calculated.

Check out the Terms & Conditions of Volt for more details.