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Put your slice of heaven to work

Join Home Generation and you’ll have access to the wholesale price for your buy-back. If you have a source of electricity generation at home, like solar panels or wind turbines, here's your chance to be part of the future of power!

Buy-back at the wholesale price

Whether you're on Off Peak, Flat or Wholesale, you'll be accessing wholesale power prices for buy-back. If you have battery storage or automation, you can monitor live prices and sell it back when the price is right.

Wholesale price
Being a part of the trial

Our Home Generation offer is still in a trial stage, so that we can listen to your needs and develop it to be the best it can.

Estimate my buy and sell rates

Not already a Flick customer? Contact us and we’ll estimate the buy and sell rates.

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Still ironing out the kinks

Our trial stage still comes with some wrinkles - but we will be billing you correctly every week. Here’s a list of the major limitations currently in this trial:

  • Billing email doesn’t show accurate total in subject line (shows only your bought electricity total only)

  • Customers can’t see the sell price in their analyse tab, or their snapshot. We are recording usage and billing correctly.

  • We can’t currently serve customers with ARCs meters (get in touch if you’re unsure if this applies to you)

  • Our savings comparisons against other retailers are against bought electricity only


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