We’re hiring developers, come work with us!

We Offer

  • A clean, modern, service-oriented codebase
  • A kind, supportive, and senior-laden team to work with and learn from
  • The right mix of building interesting new product features and improving code health

Our technology, teams, and culture

Our platform is service-oriented with around 20 services (all in Ruby). Most services are on Rails and use either ActiveRecord or Sequel to talk to the database (Postgres). Services talk to each other either over HTTP or SQS. We build constantly using CircleCI and deploy on-demand to Docker running on AWS in production. There are bits of React here and there.

Our teams are small, cross functional, and colocated with the business. We value high test coverage and small classes, pair programming and learning from each other.

We’re proudly inclusive and very flexible with many of us working part weeks and doing a day or so a week from home. We have the usual office perks - big coffee machine, fruit, yoga, massages, and a few dogs who come in on various days. We’ve got an established culture of growth and learning, with clear progression pathways and support in place to help you grow.

What we’re up to as a company

We’ve built a platform which can do everything needed to sell retail electricity - integrate with the electricity market, invoice customers, manage our relationship with those customers, and so on. We’re now building on that platform and exploring what we can do beyond just selling electrons - innovations with electric vehicles, offering different brands on our platform, and letting people buy power in different ways, among much else.

What you’d be doing

We’re looking for people to join the teams who are focusing on customer acquisition, growth, and retention. Obviously it’s hard to say in detail what you’d be doing but over the last little while those teams have built:

  • Capability for people to choose when they pay their bills
  • How much (within limits, obviously) they pay
  • The ability for us to offer rewards to customers who stay with us

Feature work, in short - either adding to existing services or building new ones. Code health is important to us and these teams have been leaving the campground tidier than they found it. You’d be working on things similar to this - full stack, public facing code, helping figure out what features your team will build and how you’ll measure success, and lots of collaboration with the business.

who you are-02
Who you are

We’re keen to hear from people at various levels of experience. If you’ve been in the industry for at least a couple of years, have a bit of Ruby and an awareness of or exposure to some of the other tech we use - React, AWS, Postgres, SCSS, Javascript - we’d love to chat.

Some other things that suggest you we’ll get along:

  • You understand that collaboration is an important part of building a quality product
  • You like the idea of using experiments (e.g. A/B tests) to understand what the product needs to do
  • You get the value of tests and like to clean up code as you go
  • You’re enthusiastic about good coding practices - maybe you’re a fan of design patterns, or have a favourite SOLID principle
  • You’re Wellington-based or willing to relocate

why this is better-02
Why’s this better than the 49 other offers you have?

  • We’ve got a modern, consistently architected, well tested, service oriented platform, carrying little debt, and capable of being changed rapidly and flexibly without making a mess of it
  • We’re goldilocks-sized - big enough that you get good support from senior developers, people leaders, knowledgeable business stakeholders, and so on - but small enough that you can see the impact of your work
  • You get to have input very early on in the process of deciding what to build.

If this sounds like you drop us a line at techjobs@flickelectric.co.nz.