Want to make your meter smarter?

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Keen on #FlickLife but don't have a smart meter?

We've got good news for you! We've kicked off a Smart Meter Upgrade trial, which means that if you're selected to be part of the programme, your shiny new smart meter is on us!

Flick's totally different from other power companies because we pass through all the wholesale costs of getting electricity to your place without any mark-up, and this means our customers have saved on average $600 over the last two years!

No surprises, totally transparent - welcome to the future of power!

Why upgrade to a smart meter with Flick?

Access wholesale power prices

Don't pay a cent more than it costs to get power to your place. Buying power at the spot price means that, instead of topping up your power company’s bank account by paying a fixed rate, you’ve got the freedom to choose when and how you use power to make some serious savings. Your smart meter will communicate usage information, so the clever systems can charge you the live price according to when you used power.

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Smart tools at your fingertips

Spot prices on the wholesale market change every 30 minutes. Flick's smart tools and clever tech help you track live spot prices, so you can make changes on the fly to use electricity when the price suits. We'll also send you alerts when the price gets high, so you can choose to switch things off around the home.

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Easy and accurate billing

Say goodbye to manual meter reads and estimated billing - smart meters communicate directly with our system with total accuracy, so you'll know that what you're using is what you're being billed for. At Flick we bill you weekly so you’re never stuck with a massive bill to pay. And we even keep track of your bill during the week so you can see how you are tracking.

Weekly billing also helps you learn about your electricity use, and the changes you can make to save even more with Flick. Read more about the advantages of weekly billing on our blog.

You can look at your current and old bills in your personalised dashboard any time you want.

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Sign me up to the trial!

If a free smart meter upgrade sounds like a bit of you, fill out the form below and we'll see what we can do! Not everyone will be eligible, but hey, you gotta be in to win, right?

This is a trial, and as such there are some separate terms and conditions that you'll need to accept as part of the form. Once submitted, one of our friendly Flickers will be in touch to sort the finer details.

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