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Meet Rob from Sixes & Sevens Cafe

A #CleverFlicker making the most of wholesale power

A power disconnection during the lunchtime rush was the last straw for Sixes & Sevens cafe owner and Executive Chef Rob Crisp, who had been battling for months with his electricity supplier.

“I tried to sign up my business with a major electricity provider and after two months of not receiving a bill, they cut off the cafe’s power right in the middle of our busiest time of day. They said it was because I never paid their bill, which is ironic because I never received a bill, even though I repeatedly asked to be sent one!” said Sixes & Sevens Cafe owner Rob Crisp.

After shopping around and hearing good things about Flick, Rob signed up.

Small to medium sized business can really reap the benefits of Flick’s model, whether you are working from home, the owner of a dairy, a hairdresser, an accountancy firm or a bakery. By shifting a few tasks to low-demand times of day, when prices on the spot market are cheaper, it can cost much less for an owner to run their business.

“I like the fact I have access to real-time information on how much electricity costs and how much I am spending, so I pick the price I want to pay for the things I need to do,” says Rob.

“Flick really got me thinking about my power use and I’ve made some small changes in my business, such as shifting staff workload to the early hours of the morning when the spot price is low to get most of the baking done, and switching things off when I’m not using them to save money on my power bill.”

Rob points to turning the coffee machine off at 4pm when the cafe closes as one simple example.

“At first I was skeptical about weekly billing as everything in my business is done on a monthly basis, but it’s actually really helped with the business cash flow and budget management. So my advice to other businesses out there is don’t be afraid of weekly billing.”

Rob says Flick has given him one less thing to worry about with the running of his business - he knows the lights won’t be going off during his business rush-hour meaning he’s as happy as his own customers.

Flick's better for business

Price alerts: Flick customers receive alerts when prices are rising via their app. This empowers customers to take charge of their electricity expenditure by shifting consumption.

Weekly billing: One of Flick's unique features is that customers are billed weekly on an actual reading (no estimates!) via their smart meter. This approach is better for cash flow and eliminates the stress of getting a huge bill at the end of the month.

Easy to switch: It takes less than 3 minutes over the phone or online, and Flick manages the transition directly with your previous power company so you don’t have to handle any awkward conversations.