We’re using smart technology and clever thinking to change the way Kiwis buy power

Flick is the first NZ electricity company to use smart meter technology and proprietary software to give customers access to the real-time, wholesale costs of electricity. Our unique model gives Flicksters a fairer and more transparent way to buy power, and ultimate control.

Flick Electric Co. - Winner Hi-Tech Awards 2016

Most Innovative Service

NZ Hi-Tech Awards, 2016

Flick Electric Co. - Rising Star Fast 50 2016

Rising Star

Deloitte Fast 50, 2016

Flick Electric Co. - Finalist Wellington Gold Awards 2016

Winner, Innovation in Energy

Energy Excellence Awards, 2016

Flick Electric Co. - Finalist NZ Innovation Awards 2016

Finalist, Sustainability and Clean Tech

NZ Innovation Awards, 2016

Take control with CHOICE

Our app shows what the price of power is doing in real time so you can choose whether to consume electricity or not.

By shifting some of your power use to cheaper times of day, you can boost your savings even more! This can be as simple as running your dishwasher when you go to bed, rather than straight after dinner.

The CHOICE app also offers live insight into New Zealand’s current carbon emissions from electricity generation, so you can choose to reduce demand when there are fossil fuels in the mix. Ewwww.

Download the app for IOS here or for Android here – even if you’re not a Flick customer yet.

Watch the video about why CHOICE matters.

Smart Tools. Smarter Decisions.

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Plan your power use and save

The spot price forecast is updated every 30 minutes in your Dashboard. It looks forward four hours so you can make decisions about when to use power to get the best price. Or the needle in the CHOICE app gives you a quick, live view of what prices are doing.

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Know where your money’s going

The most transparent bills in town, ours break down every component of cost so you can see exactly who you’re paying for what – including what slice Flick gets for being your retailer.

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See what you’re saving

Every week we compare your Flick bill to the rates with your old retailer and add up what you’re saving. On average, 18% across our 23,000 customers! For the first time you don’t have to use less power to bring your power bill down, you just have to be with a smarter retailer.

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Learn the patterns and play

For the gamers among us, we drill down into the detail and show you how much power you’ve used every half hour of every day, and what it’s cost you! In a few days you can learn the market price patterns and your own power usage patterns, so you can make simple changes to reduce your power spend.

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No bill shock

Flick tracks your spending every day so you know exactly how you're travelling between bills. This means no nasty bill shock at the end of each week.

Next Level Savings

Just by riding the highs and lows of the electricity market, you’ll save on your power bill. But changing the time of day you do things around the house, to make the most of off-peak prices, can send your savings much higher.