We’re using smart technology and clever thinking to change the way Kiwis buy power

Flick is the first NZ electricity company to use smart meter technology and proprietary software to give customers access to the real-time, wholesale costs of electricity. Our unique model gives Flicksters a fairer and more transparent way to buy power, and ultimate control.

Energy Retailer of the Year, 2017

We were super proud and humbled to take out the prestigious Energy Retailer of the Year gong in the Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards for 2017! Read all about the Award on our blog.

Disruptive & Breakthrough Innovation, 2017

With innovative tech at the core of what we do, our Disruptive & Breakthrough Innovation award at the Innovation Awards, 2017 is something we're hugely proud of! Definitely one for the pool room...

Supreme Winner and Cyber Gold, 2017

It was a double banger for Flick at the Wellington Gold Awards, 2017. We managed to walk home with the Cyber Gold category win AND the Supreme Gold Award for overall excellence! #FlickYeah

People's Choice, 2017

We'd give up every award in the cabinet for this one - it doesn't get better than scoring the highest marks in Consumer NZ's Customer Satisfaction Survey AND taking out their People's Choice award for 2017!

See your impact. Make your choice.

CHOICE by Flick empowers consumers to be part of a smarter, more sustainable energy future.

By providing users with all the information they need to reduce the carbon impact of their electricity consumption, regardless of the power company they're with, CHOICE is our commitment to giving all Kiwis the power to make a real difference.

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Even better if you're with Flick, CHOICE calculates the personalised carbon impact of your electricity consumption daily, and updates this in your app. You can use this information to track your footprint, then offset emissions with our partner charity Trees That Count.

What's more, greener usually means cheaper! When there's plenty of renewable energy in the grid, the price of power tends to be cheaper. Combining Flick’s wholesale pricing with live emissions info is a powerful way to take action that benefits both your pocket AND the environment. Now that’s choice!



Smart Tech Tools. Smarter Decisions.

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Plan your power use and save

The price dial in your Flick mobile app gives you a quick, live view of what prices are doing right now, as well as a forecast for the upcoming half hour period. A four hour price forecast is also available in your online Dashboard, so you can make decisions about when to use power to get the best price. Read more about your online Dashboard.

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Learn the patterns and play

For the gamers among us, we drill into the detail to show you how much power you’ve used every half hour of every day, and what it’s cost you. In a few days you'll learn the market price patterns and your own power usage patterns, so you can make simple changes to reduce your power spend.

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See what you’re saving

Every week we compare your Flick bill to the rates with your old power company and add up what you’re saving. For the first time, you don’t have to use less power to bring your power bill down, you just have to be with a smarter retailer. (That's us!)

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No bill shock

Flick tracks your spending every day so you know exactly how you're travelling between bills. This means no nasty bill shock at the end of each week.

Take control of your power bill, with Volt

Volt is a smart tool that lets you pay a regular amount to Flick each week, while still getting great savings by riding the highs and lows of the spot market.

When you pay more than your weekly bill, the difference gets stashed in your Volt to use when you want to knock the top off a higher than normal bill.

The money in your Volt then works like a credit against your Flick account, that’s only used when the criteria you’ve set are met.

When you open a Flick Volt you get to choose a regular amount to pay to Flick each week, which makes it easier to manage your weekly budget.

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If the amount you pay is higher than your bill, the difference goes into your Volt.

You choose the bill amount that triggers us taking money out of your Volt to help pay it.

You can change how much you pay, and when your Volt gets used, any time. You're in complete control.

Read more about Volt, or open a Volt in your mobile app.

Got questions about Flick tech?

Do I need any special technology to join to Flick?

Apart from a smart meter, the only other thing you need is an email address for bills and updates. We've set up Flick with a lot of clever oline tools to help you take control of your power bill and manage your energy use. So to get the most out of these, we reckon you should download the Flick mobile app and get online fairly often. But you don't have to!

What’s behind the number on the price dial?

For Flick customers, the price dial shows the live variable charges for their electricity, including the spot price of generation which come from WITS (run by NZX), the lines charges at their place based on their meter set up from their local network company, Flick’s variable retailer fee and the Electricity Authority levy. Each Flickster’s price is unique to them because every property is set up differently.

For Flick app users who don’t buy their electricity from Flick, the price dial indicates where the current, nationwide average spot price is sitting. This information comes from WITS (run by NZX). We don’t put a number on this because we don’t want people to think that the spot price of generation is the only charge that makes up their power bill. But we do want to demonstrate the way in which the different types of generation in the mix interact with price.

How do I keep track of the spot price going up and down?

You don't need to follow the spot market in order to save on your power bill with Flick - many Flicksters set and forget, and still save heaps with access to wholesale power prices. But to really ramp up those savings, you've got tools at your fingertips!

Flick has a clever little mobile app that gives you everything you need to keep track of live power prices, including a forecast price for the upcoming half hour period. Your Flick dashboard let's you analyse your usage, track your savings and gives you a forecast price for the upcoming four hours so you can plan your power use to make the most of low price periods.

Once you've been with Flick for a while, you’ll get a good sense of typical price patterns over a day, so you can make small changes to secure nice, low spot prices without really thinking about it.

When things occassionally go the other way, our mobile app will alert you so you can switch a few things off to manage the impact.

How do you calculate my savings?

The savings shown on your power bill are estimated by comparing your Flick plan to your previous power company’s standard comparable published plan, for your network & metering set up, at the time you joined Flick (taking account of things like whether you're a Standard or Low user, and whether you have an uncontrolled or controlled meter etc).

We include your previous power company's prompt payment discount in the calculation, but we don’t include any potential alternative plans or discounts that are additional to your old plan, such as dual fuel, e-bills or extra direct debit discounts (Download your Guide to Bullshite Power Deals to find out why these deals might not be the bargains they seem).

The retailers we can compare against are Contact, Energy Online, Genesis, Mega, Mercury, Meridian, Nova, Payless, Pulse, Tiny Mighty and Trustpower. If you were with any other retailer, or you're moving into a new property, we'll compare your total spend with Flick against the biggest power company in your area.

Want to know more? Get the full shebang on our blog, How We Calculate Your Savings.

Will you keep my personal information safe?

Flick is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1993 and to adopting the highest standards to safeguard our customers' personal information. Our Privacy Policy sets out why, how and what personal information we collect, and how we hold, use, disclose and keep secure your personal information.

Further information about privacy and your rights under the Privacy Act can be found at www.privacy.org.nz.