Pick a plan to suit your needs

From wholesale prices with Freestyle, to fixed generation price security with EARNIE and FIXIE, we've got a plan that will suit you. Plus, there are no fixed-term contracts or exit fees! You can swap between plans anytime, or come and go as you please (but why would you?).


Great value, fixed rate for 12 months – for a full year of predictable bills – and your choice of energy rewards that you earn daily:

  • 3-hours of power back, everyday; OR
  • 2-hours of power back, everyday, plus fuel and annual power top-ups
  • Your choice of energy reward
  • 12-month generation price lock
  • No fixed-term contracts or exit fees
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Simple and transparent with a fixed rate for 6-months at a time – giving you more predictable bills.

Our most popular plan, FIXIE is perfect for those who want to set-and-forget with an unbeatable, no frills power plan.

  • Simple and transparent pricing
  • 6-month generation price lock
  • No fixed-term contracts or exit fees
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Freestyle Plan

Pay electricity spot prices – that change every half an hour – on the wholesale market, with no mark up.

Spot prices right now are higher than usual

This plan is for those who can shift their usage to off-peak or times of the day when power costs less, to save money.

  • Pay the wholesale cost of power
  • Shift your power use
  • No fixed-term contracts or exit fees
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Plus we've got a bunch of super useful tools, too.

Smooth payments with Volt

Whether you're on Freestyle, EARNIE or FIXIE, use Volt to choose a regular bill payment, build up credit with anything extra you pay, and help smooth out your bills year-round.


Track live prices for Freestyle with the app

The Flick app is the control centre for Flicksters. Here you can monitor prices, manage your account and utilise the tools to get great savings.


Carbon count with CHOICE

See your impact, make your CHOICE. Track personalised carbon footprint data, and measure national emissions to reduce your impact.


Sell back on Home Harvest

Home Harvest is the smartest way to sell power. When using Home Harvest you can monitor the live spot price and sell back when the price is right.