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Christchurch pricing plans are changing

Flick Christchurch Pricing map

We're spreading it out for you

For the past few years we've been charging a winter peak charge through the high demand times in the winter. Flick’s original approach to this winter peak demand charge was all about mirroring Orion’s charge as closely as possible (for a reminder, read here). But, we’ve found that using power outside of the specific peak charge times has proven to be hard for many people.

When we asked you for your input, you told us pretty overwhelmingly that you’d like it smoothed out over the weekdays. A bit like making sure you’ve got that peanut butter spread out on your toast, so you get a little bit with every bite

So, between 9pm and 7am, Monday to Friday you'll be paying off-peak rates all year round. No more winter peak, and your weekend rates are still off peak all through the day!

You can see more on the graphs below.

The previous method of charging Orion customers with a peak demand charge during winter wasn't working for everyone. Those charges fell during the average household rush hour, so we're making some changes...

Orion Pricing Weekday pricing summer
Orion Pricing Weekday pricing winter graph
Orion Pricing Weekend pricing

From the 1st of April you'll see some snazzy changes to how we deal with Orion peak demand charges. We spread them out over the day to make the morning and evening rush as easy on the power bill as possible. Check out the new pricing graphs below.

Orion Pricing Weekday pricing new
Orion Pricing Winter peak charge removed
Orion Pricing Weekend pricing new
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Questions? We've got answers

When will these changes take effect?

These changes to your pricing plan, along with general price changes, come into effect April 1 2019. This won't be reflected in your bill until 16 April 2019

Will weekends still be on the cheaper off-peak rates?

Absolutely! Your weekends are still off peak all through the day.

Can I change back to the old plan?

No, all customers in the Orion network will be switched to the new plan structure when April 1 2019 rolls around.

Does the spot price on the Freestyle plan still change every 30 minutes?

Variable network pricing (which Orion sets) is different from the spot price (which we pass wholesale to our Freestyle customers from the market). You can still take full advantage of using power when it’s cheapest with our spot price alerts if you’re a Freestyle customer even outside of evenings or weekends.