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Use your power in off-peak hours for cheaper power bills.

Why choose Off Peak?

It’s all about those sweet savings. Move your appliance use to cheaper, off-peak hours during the day, at night and all weekend long to save when prices are up to 24 - 60% cheaper.

With Off Peak, you’re in charge – the more you shift, the more you save. And bonus, using power off-peak is kinder to the environment, too.

We know you’ll still need to use power during peak times, so we’ve made sure our peak rate is still fairly priced. And as with all things Flick, there’s no fixed-term contracts or exit fees.

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This plan is for you if:

  • You’re a bargain-hunter. Off Peak is better than a Boxing Day sale, with cheaper prices every day and night, and on the weekends
  • You’re keen to save money on your power bill without having to use less power
  • You typically use lots of power in off-peak hours already (Flick yeah, this plan was made for you), or it’s a change you reckon you’ll be able to make

How Off Peak works:

  • Get to limbo low prices in off-peak times - we’re the only electricity retailer giving all Kiwis access to cheaper off-peak prices across the whole weekend!
  • Use the Flick app to keep track of your off-peak times
  • Shift your power use to off-peak hours and cash in on those super savings

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The more you shift, the more you save.

With Off Peak, the power’s in your hands. By making a few small changes to when you consume your power, cheaper power prices are yours for the taking - think late-night laundry, baking Sundays, and dishwashing at dawn. Shift like a boss and watch the savings mount up.


What are the Off Peak hours?

Off-peak hours are 11am-5pm, 9pm-7am and all weekend from 12am Saturday - 11.59pm Sunday (excluding ORION Network).

For the ORION Network (Christchurch) off-peak hours are 9pm-7am and all weekend from 12am Saturday - 11.59pm Sunday.

_How much cheaper is off-peak than peak? _

This depends which network you’re in, typically it’s between 20 - 63%.

What are the Off Peak plan terms and conditions?

You can read the full Off Peak terms and conditions here.

_Why not just give us free power? _

While free power sounds good - and it works for some people - the realities of busy lives mean many other people struggle to jam enough of their power use into that one hour on a regular basis to make a real and ongoing difference. Instead, giving access to the cheaper off-peak rates for 16 hours every single week day, and 24 hours a day at weekends, we’re enabling people to spread all those jobs out and still save.

How much can I save on my bill if I move usage to off-peak?

It’s over to you how much you can save, as we like to say, the power is in your hands. What we can tell you is the rate for off-peak (and actually peak at Flick too) is one of the best hourly kilowatt rates out there. Try a bill compare to see what you’d save with Flick even on our standard rate, and that’s even before you factor in savings from off-peak hours.