Flick Electric Company

New Customer Tools!

We’re a tech-based company, so we love our shiny, new tech things. But, we don’t just develop them willy-nilly. We listen to our customers and learn from what you’re telling us.

For the past little while, you’ve been telling us you’re keen on an improved forecasting experience as well as a bigger picture view of pricing.

We heard, we got to work and now we’ve delivered on some sweet new tools in the Flick app. It just so happens that we also think they better reflect our values of honesty, transparency and fair pricing. #Winning.


If you’re on our spot price product, Freestyle, you’ll be seeing changes to how forecast prices are visualised, as well as improvements to week-on-week forecast costs. For app users, this means saying “See-ya...” to the needle and “Hello!” to a lovely graph, which will show the real-time per kWh price and a breakdown of those costs over the course of the day. It’ll also show the forecast prices for the next 3.5 hours (that’s the maximum time period that we receive from the market).


If you’re on our fixed price product, FIXIE, you’ll be seeing the new graph (showing your fixed generation price), as well as some handy information about how much your appliances are costing you. That means you can make better-informed decisions about your usage, especially if you’re on a network plan where your transmission costs are different depending on the time of day.

There's no such thing as a silly question

Questions? We've got answers

Why have you removed the price dial?

We couldn't easily visualise more than two price periods (an hour’s worth) using the price dial, but you told us you wanted a longer-term view, so we decided to replace it with a few clear words (ahh, the simplicity!) and a good lookin’ graph.

Will my desktop experience change?

Nope! This is a mobile app change only. Big screens, as you were.

What will happen to my other information, like my bills and usage data?

You’ll still be able to access the same information on your app and dashboard, like what you’ve spent this week, your Volt balance (if you've opened a Volt), and your usage data and bills.

Have you made changes to the carbon-counter, CHOICE?

Nope! Whether you’re a Freestyler or a FIXIE-er (or even a non-Flickster!) you can still access our carbon counter to see the times of the day and night when our power is cleaner or dirtier. And, if you’re a customer, you’ll still be able to access personalised calculations of the carbon emissions of your household (AKA your goat farts). The new tools haven’t changed this in any way.