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What's happening with your prices?

Network Price Changes

Your lines prices are changing

As you know, here at Flick we pass through all of the cost of delivering electricity to your door, so you’re always paying the true cost of supply.

There are a number of different lines companies across NZ - they own the power lines in each area. These folks are responsible for making sure that the electricity from the spot market gets to your house through one of the many retailers (like us!).

Each year on the 1st of April, most lines companies (also known as network companies) across the country update their pricing. In some areas their prices go up, in others down, and in some places there’s no change at all. These changes will only affect the distribution side of your Flick bill.

To see what these new network changes mean for you after April 1 2019, check out the pricing plan in your dashboard.

To bring you a better Flick

Changes to your Flick Fee

Your Flick Fee is the small part of your bill (usually less than $1 per day) that allows Flick to look after you as your power retailer. This means we can keep the team at HQ warm, and keep rolling out new tech to make #FlickLife even better!

From 1 April 2019, your Flick Fees will be going up by 5% for the average flickster this change will add around 25 cents per week to your bill. It's worth noting that your Flick Fees don't go up and down like the spot market does. We get the same amount regardless of where the spot price is sitting, so like you, we're happiest when prices are lovely and low.

The above changes work out as the following, Flick Fees for Standard Users will be 0.44¢ per day, and 1.66¢ per kWh. For Low Users, Flick Fees range from 2.84¢ - 3.53¢ depending on your region. This is entirely separate to your network prices.

For more on what this means for you, jump on the pricing plan in your dashboard.

Feelin' thirsty?

Think of your bill like lemonade

Think of your bill with Flick like a nice cold glass of lemonade - and all the ingredients it entails.

First, the straw. Your Flick Fee is separate and transparent and covers the costs of us looking after you as your retailer.

If you're a standard user, your Flick fee is 42¢ per day, and 1.58¢ per kWh you use.

If you're a low user, your Flick fee is 3.15¢ - 3.62¢ per kWh (depending on where you are). Flick doesn't charge you a daily fixed amount - your daily fixed charge is made up of Network and Metering charges only. If you're on FIXIE, an additional FIXIE admin fee of 0.15¢ per kWh applies.

Then we have the main flavour - the lemon juice. This is the generation cost. This is dictated by the wholesale market (spot) price of power if you're on a Freestyle price plan, or the fixed generation price you signed up for on a FIXIE price plan. The wholesale electricity market is used by generators to sell their energy to retailers, who then sell the energy onto customers like you. The New Zealand Electricity Market (NZEM) is regulated by the Electricity Authority (EA). Read more about generation.

The transmission/distribution are the bubbles that make the lemons the lemonade. These costs depend on your meter set up and where you live. You can find the pricing schedule for your area here.

The ice is the GST and the Electricity Authority Levy. We all know GST, but the EA levy is the cost we pass on to the Electricity Authority, which is the regulatory body for the electricity industry. They're there to make sure the industry stays cool.

Finally, the metering costs, or as this metaphor would put it - the cup. This is how we measure your usage, and know how much to charge each week.

And you'll always know exactly what we make on your bill.