We’re pausing new sign-ups.

Kia ora. We pride ourselves on providing Kiwis with fair power prices. It's why we started Flick in 2014 and it’s why we’re this year’s Energy Retailer of the Year. We’re stoked to be here for Kiwis today, and we’ll continue to fight for fair. But due to the state of Aotearoa’s electricity market, we've made the tough call to press pause on new sign-ups, for now, to ensure we can keep providing award winning service to our existing Flicksters. For a little more info check out our FAQs here.

If you’re already with us and are moving house, things are the same as usual - simply fill out our moving form.

Aotearoa’s broken electricity market is creating inequality, preventing access to affordable power. Kiwis deserve better, which is why we're fighting for change. We've started this petition to shake up the market and demand reform to bring down high power prices.


If you’re keen to be a Flickster in the future, pop in your details, and we’ll let you know when we can unpause for you.


Together we can fight for power affordability and a better, more sustainable future for us all.
The current wholesale electricity market in Aotearoa is not a level playing field, ultimately driving out competition and denying Kiwis access to fair pricing and their freedom of choice. The petition calls for a break up of Gentailers (companies that both generate and sell power) so that they can either generate or retail electricity, but not both. Or, at a minimum, bring equality to the marketplace by making all retailers buy power off the same market. Sign the petition now to demand affordable power for all.



Why has Flick stopped acquiring?

The wholesale electricity market (where independent power companies buy power from) is experiencing record high prices, it’s too expensive for us to buy as an independent, making it financially unfeasible to take on new customers. If we bought more hedges at the current wholesale prices, this would mean the price for customers would also then be at too high of a price, as we pass on the cost of generation to cover costs.

When will Flick start acquiring again?

It is hard to say right now. There are a few things that need to fall into place for us to open the doors to new customers again.

Can I sign up later?

We're taking contact details, and can contact you down the track. We'd love you to join us then! Just pop your details into this form and we're be in touch as soon as we're ready to accept new customers.

I am a current customer, will I be impacted?

No. We are 100 percent committed to our current loyal Flick customers and are focussing our energy and resources on caring for them. This includes Flick customers moving during this time.  Not taking on new customers allows us to do this.