Flick Electric Company

If Flick then IFTTT

What is IFTTT?

Good question! IFTTT - If This Then That - is a way of making the most of smart tools to gain power over your power.

Put simply, IFTTT sets up a chain of events based on ‘triggers’ - if this [X] happens, then that [Y] occurs. We’re trialling IFTTT for both power prices and carbon consumption, and we’re looking for some Flicksters to join us.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Sweet spot price deals ahoy!

Spot prices looking super sweet? IFTTT can be set up to automatically send your flatmate a message to turn the heat-pump on. Or, if you’re an especially #CleverFlicker, with lots of whizz bang smart home tech, then the IFTTT can be set to turn the heat pump on all by itself!

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Higher wholesale prices ahead!

Higher prices in your area making you a bit uncomfortable? You can set up your IFTTT to alert your appliances to just chill until prices come down again.

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Energy at its cleanest?

Carbon-conscious Flickster? Great stuff! With IFTTT you can set up a trigger to alert your power-hungry appliance friends to turn on only when the grid’s carbon consumption is under a certain threshold. Bonus: greener electricity also tends to be cheaper electricity with Flick!

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Dirty ole’ coal on the grid?

As a #CleverFlickster, you know that there are times when the demand on the grid is so high that high-emission electricity - like, coal and diesel - is needed to back-up the cleaner energy that kiwis normally rely on. You can set your IFTTT to turn off your appliances (or tell your flatmate to) during those times.

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