Home Harvest

Shape the future of electricity generation

Put your slice of heaven to work

Be part of our home generation trial, and help us develop Home Harvest - a sell back product that supports your at-home electricity generation!

The seed is in the soil, but we need the water and the sun and all that other good stuff - that's where your feedback comes in. If you have a source of electricity generation at home, like solar panels or wind turbines, here's your chance to help us develop what you need in a home generation and sell back product. Be part of the future of power!

Being a part of the trial

We're kicking Home Harvest off as a trial so that we can listen to your needs and develop something that might just meet them head on - progressive, huh? While being part of the development of Home Harvest will be uber exciting, there will be some limitations to the product during the trial period that you should be aware of.

  • Although you'll have access to a comprehensive online dashboard related to the power you're using, during the trial, information about what you're selling will only be available on your bills.
  • Based on feedback, we might make changes to the product on the fly. These changes will be clearly communicated with you.
  • By signing up for the trial, you're committing to providing us regular feedback via email and phone. You'll be letting us know what you like about the product, what you don't like, and what's missing altogether.

The full terms and conditions will give you all the details you might need. These terms apply in addition to the standard Flick terms.

What makes Flick great for home gen?

Spot market buy and sell

With access to the wholesale (spot) market, you can choose when to use electricity to maximise your savings. Don't pay a cent more than it costs to get power to your place, and sell back to the grid when the price is right. Whether you joined Flick on Freestyle or FIXIE, you can monitor the live spot price and sell back when the price is right.

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Live price info and alerts

Spot prices on the wholesale market change every 30 minutes. On Freestyle, the Flick mobile app shows you live spot prices and sends alerts, so you can make changes on the fly to buy and sell electricity when the price suits. On FIXIE, you can monitor live spot prices through Energy Market Services to know the best time to sell back to the grid.

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Customer satisfaction

Flick is NZ's only Consumer Trusted power company and the winner of the People's Choice award for customer satisfaction two years in a row! We also happen to be Energy Retailer of the Year for 2017. Phwoar! Our friendly Flicksters in the cool centre are always on hand to help you get the best out of #FlickLife.

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Electricity buy back rates with Flick

Here at Flick, whatever we pay for power is the same price we sell it on to you for. Whether you're riding the spot market with Freestyle, or smoothing the ride with FIXIE, you're accessing wholesale power prices.

Our buy back rates will operate in just the same way - you'll sell your home-generated electricity back to the grid at wholesale rates. If you have battery storage or automation, you can monitor live prices and sell it back when the price is right.

Estimate my buy and sell rates

If you're not already a Flickster and having power over your power sounds like a bit of you, fill in the form below, and we'll email you an estimate of the buy and sell rates we reckon you'd be looking at with Flick.

What are the current major limitations with the Home Harvest?

Since we’re in trial, we’re still trying to iron out some kinks in the process - but we will be billing you correctly every week. Here’s a list of the major limitations currently in this trial.

  • Billing email doesn’t show accurate total in subject line (shows only your bought electricity total only)
  • FIXIE customers can’t see the sell price in their analyse tab, or their snapshot. We are recording usage and billing correctly.
  • We can’t currently serve customers with ARCs meters (get in touch if you’re unsure if this applies to you)
  • Our savings comparisons against other retailers are against bought electricity only
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