Flick Electric Company

Take advantage of the variable price

On Flick Freestyle, you've got access to spot power prices, which means you can choose to use power at times when it'll cost you less.

The spot price of electricity changes all the time - every half hour in fact. While most power companies charge a flat rate regardless of the time you used your power, we simply pass on the wholesale cost direct from the spot market to you, with no mark-up.

If you can take the highs and the lows, riding the market can be rewarding.

Spot prices in your palm

Ride the highs and lows of the wholesale market with access to spot power prices. You've got live price information in the palm of your hand and the freedom and choice to shift your power consumption as you go. The Flick mobile app shows you the live price of electricity and sends price alerts, so you can choose to use power when it'll cost you less.

No fixed term contract

We don't lock you in with fixed-term contracts or break fees at Flick - if you find the highs and lows of the spot market aren't for you, no problemo! As a Flickster, you're free to change things up at any time, and making the switch to our FIXIE and EARNIE price plans is easy.