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Wholesale power plan.

Pay the true wholesale price for power. Monitor prices and use electricity during off-peak times, or when it costs you less.

Shift your usage to off-peak times.

  • When the wholesale price drops, so do your bills
  • Prices change every 30 mins based on wholesale prices
  • Shift your power usage to outside of peak times when there's less demand for power nationwide

Know the risks and rewards of wholesale pricing.

When more electricity is being used than generated, wholesale prices rise.

Price spikes do happen and can result in unexpected large bills. Most Freestylers shift their power usage and are in it for the long term savings, so do consider if Freestyle is right for you.

And if you change your mind, no worries – swap plans anytime.

Benefits with all plans:

No fixed-term contracts or exit fees.

Download the Flick App and use smart tools to monitor price and usage.

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Smooth your bills with Volt.

Available on any plan, add Volt to choose a regular bill payment, build up credit with anything extra you pay and smooth your bills year-round.

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Weekly, fortnightly or monthly billing.
Direct debit or credit card payment.

You're in safe hands.

Locally operated from our Flick HQ in Wellington, we pride ourselves on our award-winning, human, customer service. In fact, our team's been accredited Consumer's tick of approval four years running.

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What is wholesale pricing?

Wholesale pricing, or commonly known as the 'spot price of electricity' is the cost of buying it directly from the wholesale market. Spot prices don’t sit still for long, changing every half hour and shifting up or down depending on market influences. You can read more on our blog 'What the Flick is Spot Pricing?'.

Why do wholesale prices change?

Lots of reasons! Mostly, it’s related to supply and demand, so that when demand for power is high and supply is stretched, spot prices are usually higher, and when demand drops and supply levels even out again, spot prices tend to move downwards too.

But it ain’t a simple industry (sorry folks!), so there’s also a number of other factors at play here, too. Weather conditions and temperatures, the availability of renewable generation, and any outages or problems with our electricity infrastructure can also influence where spot prices sit.

What's the wholesale price right now, in my region?

You can see live spot prices for every region on the EMI's Wholesale Information Trading System. Spot prices are updated every 5 minutes.

How do I switch from Freestyle to another Flick plan?

You can switch to another Flick plan from your customer dashboard, the Flick app or by contacting our Customer Experience team on 0800 435 425.

Are wholesale prices different around the country?

Generally, because the majority of hydro lakes are in the South Island, spot prices tend to be lower for our southern Flicksters compared with, say, those living in the balmy climes of Auckland.

What are Freestyle's T&Cs?

You can read our Freestyle T&Cs here.