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Take advantage of low spot prices

On Freestyle, you've got access to the true, wholesale cost of electricity - we simply pass on those spot prices straight from the wholesale market to you, with no mark-up.

This means that the rate you will pay will vary every 30 minutes based on the supply and demand for electricity. While most power companies charge a flat rate regardless of the time you used your power, we reckon you deserve to access power when spot prices are limbo-low.

And if things change? No sweat. You can switch to one of our fixed-generation price plans at any time (no fixed-term contracts here!). It’s your power now.

Visit our Freestyle FAQs to learn more about what spot prices are doing in your region and work out if Freestyle is right for you, right now.

Why choose Freestyle?

You’re purchasing power at the true, wholesale price. That means we pass through the spot price of electricity (the generation portion of your power bill) straight from the wholesale market to you, so you know it’s a price that’s transparent and fair. Over the past year, spot prices have sat at an average of 9.6 c/kWh. Not too shabby, huh!

Spot prices in your palm. Make those low spot prices do the hard work, with live price information in the palm of your hand and the freedom and choice to shift your power consumption as you go. The Flick mobile app shows you the real-time price of electricity and sends price alerts, so you can choose to use power when it'll cost you less.

A better choice for the environment. Spot prices closely mimic the types of generation we’re using: cheaper and cleaner renewables, or more expensive, dirty fossil fuels. By switching your power usage to cheaper times of the day, you’re helping cut back carbon emissions created by our electricity generation. Check out CHOICE in the Flick app.

What do I need to know before I join Freestyle?

High price events can, and do, happen. We don’t have a spot price crystal ball, but there’s always the possibility of sustained, high spot prices which can impact on your power bills. If that happens, you can choose to make the switch to EARNIE or FIXIE - no drama.

It pays to actively monitor your Flick app. Otherwise, you’re more likely to miss low prices or be exposed to periods of higher pricing. Freestyle works well for those who can keep an eye on their alerts and shift their power consumption around.

There’s no price certainty. The price of power on the wholesale market changes every 30 minutes so there’s lots of room for ups and downs, and that might not suit those who’re sticklers for fixed weekly budgets.

Switch to a fixed-price plan anytime

If you’re keeping an eye on your Flick app and you notice sustained higher than usual spot prices, no drama! You can switch over to one of our fixed-price plans, FIXIE and EARNIE, at any time, right from your very own Flick dashboard. More choice, more control.

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Questions? We've got answers

Frequent Freestyle questions

What's a spot price?

The ‘spot price’ of electricity is the wholesale price of power, or the cost of buying it directly from the wholesale market. Spot prices don’t sit still for long, changing every half hour and shifting up or down depending on market influences. You can read more on our blog What the Flick is Spot Pricing?

Why do spot prices change?

Lots of reasons! Mostly, it’s related to supply and demand, so that when demand for power is high and supply is stretched, spot prices are usually higher, and when demand drops and supply levels even out again, spot prices tend to move downwards too.

But it ain’t a simple industry (sorry folks!), so there’s also a number of other factors at play here, too. Weather conditions and temperatures, the availability of renewable generation, and any outages or problems with our electricity infrastructure can also influence where spot prices sit.

What's the spot price right now, in my region?

You can see live spot prices for every region on the EMI's Wholesale Information Trading System. Spot prices are updated every 5 minutes.

How do I switch from Freestyle to another Flick plan?

You can switch to another Flick plan from your customer dashbord, the Flick app or by contacting our Customer Exeperience team on 0800 435 425.

Are spot prices different around the country?

Generally, because the majority of hydro lakes are in the South Island, spot prices tend to be lower for our southern Flicksters compared with, say, those living in the balmy climes of Auckland.