You save, or we pay

On Flick Freestyle, you've got access to spot power prices, which means you can choose to use power at times when it'll cost you less.

Let's start with the basics. The spot price of electricity changes all the time - every half hour in fact. While most power companies charge a flat rate regardless of the time you used your power, we simply pass on the wholesale cost direct from the spot market to you, with no mark-up. We're so confident you'll save money on Freestyle, we guarantee it.

Spot prices in your palm

Just by riding the highs and lows of the wholesale market, you'll probably still save heaps of cash with access to spot power prices. But to ramp up those savings, you've got live price information in the palm of your hand. The Flick mobile app shows you the live price of electricity and sends price alerts, so you can choose to use power when it'll cost you less.

No fixed term contract

We don't do fixed term contracts or break fees on Flick Freestyle - if you find the highs and lows of the spot market isn't for you, you'll be free to go. As a Freestyle customer, you can switch to Flick FIXIE at any time.

Reap the rewards

Flick Freestyle customers saved an average $500 in the past two years (to Nov 2018) with access to spot prices on the wholesale market, and we guarantee you'll save in your first 12 months! Track your bills and how much you're saving with Freestyle at any time in the Flick mobile app.

Freestyle estimates not reflective of current conditions

Right now, we're experiencing an unprecedented period of elevated spot prices in New Zealand. Because our Freestyle bill and price estimates are based on historical average prices and usage, current conditions are not reflected in these calculations.

The estimates provided are based on long term data - Freestyle pricing is typically lower than the fixed price you'll get on FIXIE, as shown in the estimates provided - however right now (October 2018), Freestyle pricing is significantly higher than FIXIE pricing and we think you'll be better off on FIXIE short term.

*The per kWh price estimate is based on the most common meter configuration for your area - your meter set-up may be different. The Freestyle kWh price includes the average spot price for your region over the past ten years to Sept 2018, however you'll pay the live spot price on Freestyle, which changes every 30 minutes. These estimates are not reflective of current, exceptional conditions.