Network Price Changes-02

Flick to pass through lines company price cuts to customers

Flick Electric will pass through savings to its customers as soon as electricity lines companies drop their prices from 1 April this year.

Soon to kick in network changes should be saving New Zealanders a total of $72 million a year.

Flick Electric Chief Executive, Steve O'Connor, says Flick will be passing these savings on, as the company has done every year.

“This will result in around $1.1m total annual savings for our customers, which is great news as we know power bills make up a big part of household expenses.’’

Flick’s pricing plans are all transparent, making it super clear to consumers exactly what they are paying for.

‘’Whatever pricing plan that Flick customers are on we break down bills to show exactly what they’re paying for. And every time network fees change and there's savings to be had, the company will pass those through to customers.’’

It is up to individual electricity companies to choose whether they will pass on the lines savings to customers and at this stage some companies are still to confirm which way they will go.

Flick will be emailing its existing customers by March 1 to let them know what the change will mean for their power bill.

To learn more about Flick’s straight up pricing plans including the new EARNIE plan that gives customers rewards for doing nothing at all, head here.