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Wholesale power, guaranteed price

Love the idea of wholesale power, but hate the ups and downs? Meet FIXIE - a price plan that passes on a fixed generation price from us to you, with no mark-up.

With FIXIE, all the costs that make up your power bill are passed on to you at wholesale, but your spot price remains fixed for six months at a time. We reckon it's NZ's fairest fixed price power deal.

NZ's fairest fixed price plan

Just like on our spot price product, Freestyle, whatever we pay for power is the same price we sell it on to you for. We simply fix the spot price for six months at a time, so you can set and forget with a guaranteed price.

If you’re in a network area where your price changes depending on the time or season, you’ll still be able to move energy use around to take advantage of lower price times.

Guaranteed price for six months

Think of it as a pinky promise from us to you that we won’t change the generation price on you until our 6-months agreement is up.

If you decide to change out from FIXIE, no sweat! There are no contracts that are keeping you locked in. The only thing we're locking down is the price.

Total choice, full control

Flick's suite of tech tools puts the power in your hands. The Flick mobile app lets you track your current bill and access previous bills at any time. Pay the actual cost of your bill weekly, or choose to pay a regular amount with Volt. Choose to monitor NZ's carbon emissions from electricity with CHOICE and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Get power over your power!

There's no such thing as a silly question

Questions? We've got answers

Frequent FIXIE questions

When will I be switched over to FIXIE?

If you're already a customer with Flick under Freestyle, then when you switch to FIXIE we backdate you to the start of the current week. For example, if you sign up on a Thursday we backdate you to the Monday of that same week, or if you join on a Monday, we start you from 12:01am that same day.

But spot pricing's Flick’s thing! Why are you offering fixed-pricing now?

In short, our customers spoke, and we listened! A few of our Flicksters told us that while they love what Flick is about, they aren’t keen on the ups and downs of our spot price product, Freestyle. So FIXIE has been specifically designed to bring Flick’s values of honesty, transparency and fairness to fixed price power - and that means continuing to pass on all the costs of supply at the wholesale rate, plus a Flick Fee that’s still completely separate and transparent.

We’re still calling a spade a spade and telling it like it is, but now Flicksters can also choose to have that with a fair fixed price product. Plus, they’ll still receive our Consumer NZ-Trusted and Energy Excellence Award-winning attitude - that’s here to stay!

So how is FIXIE different to other fixed-price power plans?

It’s fixed price power that’s fair. First of all, FIXIE is about fixing the price of the generation part of your bill only - that’s the price of the actual electricity you use. Second, all of the other costs of supply will continue to be passed through at their wholesale price. The cherry on top is we no longer have break fees - we only lock in the price for 6 months, not you as a customer. So much goodness!

Will Flick make any money off hedging with FIXIE?

Nope - no ticket-clipping over here! Our numbers gurus (and they really are!) have spent hours hunched over their calculators working out a price for our customers that most fairly reflects the cost for fixing your generation price for 6-months. In fact, we’ve put a huge effort into ensuring that FIXIE - just like Freestyle - incorporates our ever-important Flick values of honesty, transparency and fairness. So we don’t make any money on the cost of your fixed generation (or your metering, or transmission and distribution!) - as always, we pass on the costs of supply without any mark-up and then charge a transparent Flick Fee and a separate fee to manage FIXIE.

The FIXIE Admin Fee is set at $0.0015 per kWh you use (0.15cents/kWh) and covers the cost of technical outgoings like trades and account handling - it isn’t calculated to make a profit.

Will I save more money on FIXIE or Freestyle?

It depends if the average spot price over your 6-month FIXIE price promise is higher than the fixed price of generation. If the spot price is pretty sharp, then it’s likely that Freestyle will provide you with more significant savings.

A better way to decide if FIXIE is right for you might be to ask yourself whether you value certainty about your price over the opportunity that comes with a spot price plan. Hmmm... We’re on hand to help out if you need to talk through it! Give us a bell on 0800 435 425 or send us a line at hello@flickelectric.co.nz.

What if I want to leave FIXIE before my 6-months is up?

No problem - you’re free to leave FIXIE at any stage! We have no break fees involved, and if you decide you want to come back to FIXIE again, you simply have to pay the new rate with the new FIXIE term. The 6 months is a price promise, and not a locked down contract.

I’m moving house, but staying with Flick - how does FIXIE work for me?

You'll simply restart your 6-month price promise on some new FIXIE rates - it's that easy.

Will there be different prices for different people on FIXIE?

There are - and it’s mainly down to which network you belong to. As you may know from our Forecast To Final Prices blog, moving energy around the country costs money so the price of electricity sometimes vary depending on location. Sames goes for FIXIE.

Metering configuration also makes a price difference, which is true of Freestyle too (and any power price plan for that matter!). For example, if you’ve got Controlled and Uncontrolled configuration this is often more expensive than an All Inclusive or Controlled configuration (that’s because the network company can switch off power to a Controlled meter when there’s a fault or demand is very high).

Last but not least, the price we buy hedges for may increase or decrease. This won’t affect your 6-month price promise, but it’s possible that there will be variances in price between terms. Our finance team will be working hard to keep it pretty same-same (not to mention the absolute best price we can!), but the price has the potential to increase or decrease between term periods.