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EARN ongoing POWER & FUEL rewards


Let your everyday power spend earn you power and fuel rewards. EARNIE locks in your generation price for 12-months and lets you start earning automatic benefits from day one!

All with no claiming, redeeming, card swiping or running around. Just do nothing at all, as your rewards just keep accumulating, and arriving, for as long as you’re with us.

Join Flick on EARNIE

Get rewarded with EARNIE:

Flick free power offer

2-hour power reward EVERY day

No claiming, choosing or fussing around - we just add up your usage and take two average hours of power off your bill EVERY day.

Flick Free fuel offer

Fuel from Z, for every $100 you spend

Earn 2L each time, over and over, until a $20 Z Gift Card turns up in your mailbox! Watch this space, we'll have it running digitally in no time!

Flick loyalty gift

$50 anniversary power topup

For every year you're with us, we'll chuck a $50 power top up your way to cover your power bill. It's our way of saying thanks!

Guaranteed generation price for 12 months

Think of it as a pinky promise from us to you that we won’t change the generation price on you until our 12-months agreement is up. Note that Flick fees and government levies may change.

No fixed-term contracts or exit fees

If you decide to change out from EARNIE, no sweat! There are no contracts that are keeping you locked in, or exit fees. The only thing we're locking down is the price. You can leave anytime, with no hassle or cost. But why would you want to?

Total choice, full control

Flick's suite of tech tools puts the power in your hands. The Flick mobile app lets you track your current bill and access previous bills at any time. Pay the actual cost of your bill, or choose to pay a regular amount with Volt. Choose to monitor NZ's carbon emissions from electricity with CHOICE and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Get power over your power!

There's no such thing as a silly question

Questions? We've got answers

Frequent EARNIE questions

How does the 2-hour power reward work?

We calculate an average hour of power by taking all of your c/kWh charges in a day (not the daily charges) and dividing this by 24 (the number of hours in a day). Then we multiply this average power hour by 2 and take 2 average power hours off your bill EVERY day.

How do my fuel rewards work?

To minimise contact and protect the safety of you and our Flick crew we are suspending the sending of Z Gift Cards by courier, while the COVID-19 risk remains high.

And don’t sweat it, you'll still be rewarded! Instead of the Z Gift Cards we'll deliver the same $20 reward value as a power credit to your account each time you reach the spend threshold on the fuel reward over the next wee while.

Each time you spend $100 you’ll be eligible for 2L fuel (or for fulfilled as power credit).

How does my $50 loyalty power top-up work?

For each consecutive 12 month period you’re on EARNIE, we’ll put a $50 power credit to your account.

I’m moving house, but staying with Flick - how does EARNIE work for me?

You'll simply restart your 12 month fixed generation price promise on some new EARNIE rates and your power and fuel rewards will start again - it's that easy.

Will there be different prices for people on EARNIE?

There are - and it’s mainly down to which network you belong to. Moving energy around the country costs money so the price of electricity sometimes vary depending on location. The same goes for FIXIE.

Metering configuration also makes a price difference, which is true of FIXIE and Freestyle too (and any power price plan for that matter!). For example, if you’ve got Controlled and Uncontrolled configuration this is often more expensive than an All Inclusive or Controlled configuration (that’s because the network company can switch off power to a Controlled meter when there’s a fault or demand is very high).

Last but not least, the price we buy hedges for may increase or decrease. This won’t affect your 12-month price promise, but it’s possible that there will be variances in price between terms.