EARNIE power plan terms and conditions

January 2020

Download the PDF Earnie terms and conditions

Get Earning

These Ts&Cs apply to you if sign up to EARNIE. These Ts&Cs apply in addition to our ordinary Ts&Cs and any other Flick Ts&Cs that apply to you.

When you switch to Flick’s EARNIE plan you’ll start earning

  • 2 hours of power reward every day
  • 2L Z fuel every time you spend $100 on power
  • $50 Flick power top up each year you’re with us

If you configured your own EARNIE rewards bundle in our configurator you’ll keep getting those.

Your electricity price

Your Flick bill is made up of kWh charges and daily charges. These charges include: Generation charge, EARNIE plan charge, Flick charge, Network charge, Metering charge and Government levies.

Charges fixed for 12 months:

  • Generation charges: this is the rate you pay per kWh for generation - the rate is set out on our website when you sign-up and we agree to keep the rate the same for you for 12 months
  • EARNIE plan charge: this is the charge you pay to be on our EARNIE plan - it’s set out on our website when you sign-up and we agree to keep the fee the same for you for 12 months
  • Your first 12 month period starts the day we first bill you on the EARNIE plan
  • At the end of each 12 month period we can change the Generation charges and EARNIE plan charge, if either of these are going up we’ll let you know

Charges that may change during your 12 month period:

  • Flick charge: we charge this on every Flick plan - we can change this charge on 30 days’ notice to you
  • Network charges: these are based on the price we pay your network company to get power delivered, if the price we pay your network company changes, we can change the price we charge you
  • Metering charges: these are based on the price we pay your metering provider to measure the power delivered to you, if the price we pay your metering provider changes, we can change the price we charge you
  • Government levies: these are levies we collect and pay to the regulator, if these levies are changed by the regulator, we can change the levies we charge you

General things

  • We’ll typically give you at least 30 days’ notice (by email or through our customer dashboard or app) before we make a change to your EARNIE plan
  • If we give you notice that we plan to stop offering the EARNIE plan and we don’t hear back from you within 30 days, we can move you to another Flick plan
  • If we think we need to, we can switch fuel rewards for power rewards and power rewards for fuel credit and you agree that’s ok
  • There’s no fixed term contract, you can switch away or change plans anytime
  • If these EARNIE Ts&Cs conflict with our ordinary Ts&Cs, or any other Flick Ts&Cs that apply to you, these EARNIE Ts&Cs apply
  • Stuff might break or not work perfectly (for example, something in the app might not function smoothly) and you agree to forgive us, in particular, you agree that our total liability to you for anything related to the EARNIE plan is limited to $50 (except where we are liable to you under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 or the Fair Trading Act 1986)
  • Flick power credit is subject to our Power Credit Ts&Cs
  • Use of Z Gift Cards is subject to Z’s Gift Card Ts&Cs

How do the rewards work:

  • 2 hours of power reward - this is how we do it
    Every day we’ll total up the kWh based charges for your electricity usage (this excludes your daily charges) and divide the total by 24 (number of hours in a day) to get the value of one average power hour and we times this by two. For each day we’ll credit your account (or Volt) with an amount equivalent to two average hours of power (kWh charges only). We’ll apply the credit each billing cycle.

  • 2L Z fuel reward for every $100 spend - this is how we do it
    Each time you spend $100 (including GST) you’ll be eligible for 2L fuel. For now, we are fulfilling this by sending $20 Z Gift Cards - you’ll be sent a $20 Z Gift Card as you become eligible for 10L of fuel. For now, we’ve calculated fuel litres to be $2.00 each (including GST). The Z Gift Cards will be posted to the address you used to register your account (unless you’ve updated us). We hope to be able to gift fuel litres electronically (for example; 2L fuel voucher in an app rather than $ fuel vouchers by snail mail) in the future, we will let you know when we make this change.

  • Flick power top up - this is how we do it
    At the end of each consecutive 12 month period you’re on the EARNIE plan, we’ll give you a one off $50 Flick power top up (including GST) which is added to your account or Volt (if you have one).

If I move address and want to stay on Flick’s EARNIE plan?

If during the 12 month period you move to a new address and would like to have the EARNIE plan at your new address, it's a fresh start. Your accruing fuel and loyalty rewards from one address (to the extent that you have not met the threshold to receive either your next $20 fuel voucher or 12 month anniversary power top up) will not move with you. When you sign up for EARNIE at your new address, EARNIE starts again, your 12 month fixed generation price promise will restart on the new EARNIE rates applicable at that time and your power, fuel and loyalty rewards will start fresh.