Get power over your power

The power's in your hands

New Zealand's fairest power pricing

Fixie by Flick - Get the benefits of wholesale power with reduced risk

Wholesale power, guaranteed price


Fix your generation price for six months at a time, while still benefiting from access to wholesale power. With FIXIE, you still get supply costs - that’s metering and transmission charges, plus the Electricity Authority levy - at the wholesale rate, while your spot price stays fixed.

  • Wholesale power at a steady, fixed rate
  • Short term six month contract
  • Smart tools to help you save
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Ride the market, reap the rewards


Guarantee your savings with access to spot prices! The spot price changes every half hour on the wholesale electricity market, and whatever we pay for power is the same price we sell it on to you for. Choose to use power when it costs you less - Freestylers saved an average $495 in the past two years (to Dec 2018)!

  • Direct access to the spot market
  • No fixed term contracts, no break fees
  • Guaranteed savings for 12 months
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Freestyle by Flick - Ride the highs and lows to the spot market to see big savings

Control what you pay each week

Predictable bills, full control


Whether you're on Freestyle or FIXIE, you can choose a regular bill payment, and by making this a little higher than your normal weekly bill, you’ll build up a wee stash of cash that you can use to cover any higher than normal bills.

  • Choose a regular bill amount
  • Build a stash of cash
  • Automatically dip in to pay for higher bills
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Choose to use renewable energy

See your impact, make your CHOICE


With a live measure of carbon emissions from the national grid, you can choose to use electricity when it's cleaner. CHOICE also tracks personalised carbon footprint data, measured in goats.

  • Better for the planet, better for your wallet
  • Live carbon output notifications
  • Personalised carbon footprint data
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Choice by Flick - Real time carbon emissions tracking

Power the future of energy

The smart way to sell your power

Home Harvest

For Kiwis generating electricity at home, we're currently trialling Home Harvest - the smartest way to sell energy back to the grid. Whether you're signed up with Freestyle or FIXIE, you can monitor the live spot price and sell back when the price is right. Get in on the trial!

  • Spot market buy and sell
  • Real time price info and alerts
  • Smart import and export tracking tools
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