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NZ's hydro lakes are brimming with water, so spot prices are looking awesome for this winter!


We're so confident you'll get lower power bills with Flick this winter, that we're putting our money where our mouth is.

Every week, we'll track how much you've saved compared with your previous power company. If by the end of the winter you haven't saved money, we'll pay you back the difference.

With no fixed term contract on a spot price plan with Flick, it's a no-risk way to give us a go.

Isn't it time you got New Zealand's Fairest Power Deal?

What you get with a Winter Savings Guarantee...

  • We guarantee you'll save money with Flick this winter

  • Join Flick between 17 May and 31 July 2018 and get your savings guaranteed from 1 June to 31 August 2018

  • We'll track how your savings are ticking up each week, and publish the details on your bill and in your Flick app, so you always know where you stand

  • If you don't make savings, we'll pay you the difference at the end of the winter

  • No fixed term contracts, so you can give Flick a go with no risk!

  • You can find the full Winter Savings Guarantee terms and conditions here.


Got questions about the Winter Savings Guarantee?

So, you'll pay me back if I don't save with Flick?

Yup. Join before 31 July and we'll guarantee that you'll save on power between 1 June and up until the end of winter (31 August 2018). The sooner you join, the more you'll save!

If you don't save money, we'll calculate the difference between what you paid with Flick and what you would have paid with your previous retailer, and we'll pay this back to you at the end of winter. Your savings will be available to you at any point in your Flick app and on your dashboard online.

Our Winter Savings Guarantee offers a no-risk way to give a spot price power plan a crack. So, what are you waiting for?

How do I get the Winter Savings Guarantee?

All you need to do is join Flick between 17 May and 31 July 2018, and we'll automatically guarantee your savings up until 31 August 2018. You don't need a promo code or any special cryptograph to participate. You can read the full terms and conditions here.

The sooner you join, the more you'll save!

What price will I pay with Flick?

Your price with Flick is made up of a number of components, all passed through at their wholesale rate, with no mark up!


The cost of generation is dictated by the wholesale market (spot) price of power. This market is how generators sell their energy to retailers, who then sell the energy onto customers like you. With Flick, you cut out the middle man and buy your energy straight from the source. You’re buying on the wholesale market, just like the big retailers are. The New Zealand Electricity Market (NZEM) is regulated by the Electricity Authority (EA). Read more about generation.

Your transmission/distribution costs depend on your meter set up and where you live. You can find the pricing schedule for your area here.

And you'll always know exactly what we make on your bill. Your Flick Fee is separate and transparent and covers the costs of us looking after you as your retailer.

If you're a standard user, your Flick fee is 42¢ per day, and 1.58¢ per kWh you use.

If you're a low user, your Flick fee is 3.15¢ - 3.62¢ per kWh (depending on where you are). Flick doesn't charge you a daily fixed amount - your daily fixed charge is made up of Network and Metering charges only.

These fees cover our costs to bring you our award-winning service.

How does the spot market work?

About a third of your weekly bill is the cost of the electricity you use (the rest is the cost of getting it to your house, metering and Flick’s retail fee).

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What you pay depends on how much electricity you use, and the price on the spot market when you use it.

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The spot price depends on how much electricity is available. When there’s plenty of electricity available - like when our hydro lakes are nice and full, or it’s blowing a gale in our wind farms, and the weather is warm so New Zealanders aren’t using too much - then electricity is cheap.

When there’s less electricity available - like in very dry conditions, or when it’s very cold and we’re all trying to heat our homes, cook dinner and bath the kids at the same time - then electricity is more expensive.

You can read more about price spikes on our blog.

Happily, spot prices are low much more often than they are high. This chart shows you the spread of spot prices over the past few years.
Power spot price distribution March 2018

And this is why, just by riding the highs and lows of the spot market, you save with Flick!

Do I need to change how I do things to see savings?

Not at all! Simply by joining Flick and enjoying access to the wholesale market, you're bound to see savings. After all, spot prices are below 12c/kWh over 93% of the time! To put this into perspective, we estimate that the spot price needs to exceed 11 cents before you might be better off with another retailer.

You can still get the kids ready for school in the morning, and cook dinner in the evening without a second thought. But the tools are there to guide small changes if you choose to maximise your savings.

How do you calculate my savings?

The savings shown on your power bill are estimated by comparing your Flick plan to your previous power company’s standard comparable published plan, for your network & metering set up, at the time you joined Flick (taking account of things like whether you're a Standard or Low user, and whether you have an uncontrolled or controlled meter etc).

We include your previous power company's prompt payment discount in the calculation, but we don’t include any potential alternative plans or discounts that are additional to your old plan, such as dual fuel, e-bills or extra direct debit discounts (Download your Guide to Bullshite Power Deals to find out why these deals might not be the bargains they seem).

The retailers we can compare against are Contact, Energy Online, Genesis, Mega, Mercury, Meridian, Nova, Payless, Pulse, Tiny Mighty and Trustpower. If you were with any other retailer, or you're moving into a new property, we'll compare your total spend with Flick against the biggest power company in your area.

Want to know more? Get the full shebang on our blog, How We Calculate Your Savings.