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Yoga lady

Being a parent is no hour at hot yoga.

If you haven’t got a big smear of dried snot or vomit on your shoulder that you haven’t noticed yet, then you’ve probably just finished answering an hour long Q&A about why the dish ran away with the spoon. Or maybe you’re running late for little Tommy’s music session because he’s just decided he reeeeeally needs to go for a poo, which is 15 minutes at the best of times of him faffing about and singing on the loo while you bribe and then threaten him to hurry up.

But breathe deep, Mums and Dads, ‘cos here at Flick we’re all about making things easier for you. That means a whole lotta time-saving, money-saving goodness (and parents are always short on both, let’s be honest). At Flick we offer you access to the wholesale cost of power and those low spot prices in the wee hours (hey, you’re up anway, right?), as well as a super quick and easy 3 minutes to get you signed-up.

Our flickin’ awesome customers have saved an average $498 in the past 12 months. No tricks, no traps, no fixed term contracts. No problem.

What makes Flick great for parents?

Consumer Trusted - Flick Electric Co.

Consumer Trusted

Consumer did the digging and went through everything we do to make sure we're fair and honest across the entire business. We are stoked to say we're New Zealands only Consumer Trusted energy retailer.

It only takes 3 minutes to switch to Flick

Easy to Switch

It only takes 3 minutes to get signed up online, and once we have your address we'll take everything. Before you know it, you'll be loving the #FlickLife

Flick charges you the wholesale price of power so you don't pay a cent more than it costs to the power to your place.

Wholesale prices

We charge you the wholesale price of power so you don't pay a cent more than it costs to the power to your place.

Smart phone showing how Flick tracks your prices

Price alerts

Our app gives you the tools to know when the prices are high, so you can make sure to manage any of the high usage items around the house.

Meet Jeannie

An $800 power bill from her old retailer was the last straw for Jeannie Stewart.

Read more about Jeannie and 'Flicking the switch to save money' on Stuff.

Questions? We've got the answers!

What are Flick's prices?

The price you pay will vary for every household depending on your meter set up and where you live. You can find out what others in your area pay, and the pricing schedules for each region here.

How do wholesale, or 'spot' prices work?

The wholesale or ‘spot’ market is used by generators (who produce electricity) to sell their energy to retailers (like Flick), so they can then sell this on to you. The spot market price goes up and down all the time, reflective of supply and demand. And while most retailers charge a flat rate for power, Flick gives you access to the dynamic wholesale market - we simply pass on the wholesale cost of electricity, so you’re effectively buying energy straight from the source, just like the big retailers. Flick’s online energy management tools also give you live price information, so you can make the most of super low prices on the spot market, or turn things off if prices are high.

The New Zealand Electricity Market (NZEM) is regulated by the Electricity Authority (EA). You can find out more here.

Can I get my gas through you too?

We don't supply gas, but plenty of Flick customers have their electricity with us and their gas with another retailer. It’s easy and it’s worth it. You can check out Powerswitch to find the cheapest gas provider to complement your power deal.

What happens when spot prices spike?

From time to time spot prices do spike, but a spike usually only lasts for one or two half hour periods. Along with exposure to the occasional price spike comes access to the low spot prices that we see 41.22% of the time, so we're confident you'll be better off in the long run with Flick. Find out more about price spikes on our blog.

NZ Spot Distribution

Do I need to change how I do things to see savings?

Not at all! Simply by joining Flick and enjoying access to the wholesale market, you're bound to see savings. After all, spot prices are below 12c/kWh over 95% of the time!

You can still get the kids ready for school in the morning, and cook dinner in the evening without a second thought. But the tools are there to guide small changes if you choose to maximise your savings.

Want to know more?

If Flick sounds like it's the one for you, take the plunge and sign up, baby! Unlike some power companies, you won't be locked into a fixed term contract with us, so you'll be free to leave if Flick isn't for you (we doubt it).

If you still have questions, give us a call at 0800 4 FLICK (0800 435 425), and one of your friendly Flicksters will be on hand with anything you need to know.