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Common sense tells you that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

In the electricity game, you'll find this phrase pretty accurate. Of all the power deals and sign-up offers bandied about, very few offer any real value in terms of long term savings - a voucher here, a discount there, maybe a few reward scheme points and a tidy slab of credit (ooh! aah!).

But there's good reason for electricity consumers to think twice about clever marketing. So, we're going to bust the doors open on some of the common sneaky lure tactics you will have seen in recent months, starting with prompt payment discounts...

Got questions about bullsh*t power deals?

What's wrong with a prompt payment discount?

Everything! A prompt payment discount is simply a late payment penalty flipped on it's head to make you think you're getting a better deal. From manipulating prices to make them more appealing, to unfairly discriminating against those that can't pay their bill, to penalising customer loyalty... we think prompt payment discounts are a poor and deceptive tactic designed to fool you into signing up with the highest bidder. Not fair, not transparent and totally dishonest! We don't do them.

Don't you do some of this stuff too?

From time to time, we'll throw around some free power or give away credits, but these tend to be one-off prizes. We don't do special long term deals for one group of customers, and something totally different for another, just to hit our targets. Any loyalty schemes or Flickster benefits available to you are simply a bonus on top of the wholesale cost of electricity that we pass on from us to you, with no mark-up. You won't be paying for those benefits in fees or margins, it's just not our style to give with one hand and take with another. We prefer fair, honest, and totally transparent. Like a basic utility should be.

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