Behind the Bulb

The full frontal on the power you're paying for

We get it - for years, electricity has been boring, stagnant and felt like a rip off.

But like it or not, most of us are forking out for power every single day, and when it comes to electricity, knowledge most definitely brings power.

We're lifting the lid on this industry, in a 3-part email series designed to help you make choices that are good for you, good for the planet, and good for your wallet.

This ain't a pitch. It's about giving you facts, giving you choice, and giving you power. Read more about the modules below, and sign up to get empowered now!

This ain't a pitch - what we cover

The Pricing Series

Heard about 'spot pricing' but still not quite sure how it affects you? Wondering why your power rates increase every year? Want to know who's actually getting your money when you pay your bill? Fair call!

In the Pricing edition of the Behind The Bulb email series, we cover all of this and a whole lot more in three daily emails.

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The Environment Series

Roughly 80% of New Zealand's electricity supply is renewable, so we really don't need to worry when we flick the switch, right?

The Environment Series covers everything from where our electricity comes from, to what you can do to reduce your household's carbon impact without reducing your power use. Nifty! We'll also explore the relationship between electricity pricing and renewable energy, because there is one, and it's good news!

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The How-to-save Series

If you've ever been fooled by an insanely generous sign up offer or the temptation of a prompt payment discount, you'll want to dig a little deeper to find out where true value lies. When it comes to the electricity world, there are too many bullsh!t power deals out there to name - learn how to spot them and don't be fooled again!

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The Pricing Series

With a basic understanding of how power companies set their prices, you might just experience that lightbulb moment when everything from fixed term contracts, to suspiciously 'generous' sign-up offers, to annual price increases, all starts to fall into place...

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The Environment Series

Think you're using 100% renewable electricity because you've consciously signed up to a specific power company? We're sorry to say, you're not.

Subscribe now to find out where your power's coming from, and what you can do to truly reduce your household's carbon emissions. Each of the three emails in the series will take about 5 minutes to read, and should leave you feeling empowered.

The How-To-Save Series

If you're keen on slicing some chunk off your power bill, you've got more options than just using less power. Shopping around for the best power deal for you is the first step - switching power companies in New Zealand is flickin' easy! But there's a whole lot more you can do. Oh yes, a whole ruddy lot...

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