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Save money with wholesale power prices

Don't pay a cent more than it costs to get the power to your place. With Flick, whatever we pay for power is the same price we sell it on to you for. Ride the market and reap the rewards with our spot price plan, Freestyle, or choose FIXIE and smooth the ride with a fixed generation price.

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Actively monitor prices OR set and forget

With Flick, you've got live price information at your fingertips. The Flick mobile app also shows you how your bill's tracking, and estimates what your appliances are costing you, real-time.

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Choose to use renewable energy

Monitor the live carbon impact of the electricity in the grid with CHOICE, and reduce the carbon impact of your household. Even better - greener usually means cheaper! Take powerful action that benefits your pocket AND the environment.

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Choose how you want to pay

Pay the actual cost of your bill weekly or choose a regular amount to pay, while still getting great savings through wholesale power pricing. When you pay more than the cost of your bill, the difference gets stashed in your Volt to use when you want to knock the top off a higher than normal bill.

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