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$100 Z Gift Card up for grabs

So you've filled up the wagon and you've spied yourself a deal on the forecourt - aren't you a #CleverFlicker!

All you need to do is join Flick before 31 March 2019 on any of our plans using that delicious promo code you got from the Z station, and a $100 Z Gift Card is all yours - that's like a tank of fuel... or 20 pies!

On top of that you'll give yourself power over your power. With price plans like Freestyle or FIXIE to suit your lifestyle, and handy tools like our bill smoothing Volt, there's something for every one.

Sound good? Of course it does.

Full terms and conditions for this delightful deal can be found here.

Get a bill comparison

Send us a recent bill and we'll tell you what you would have paid for that same power with Flick.


Looking for a fixed power price and more predictable bills? Pay a steady, fixed rate for six months at a time, with FIXIE. You'll still get supply costs - that’s metering and transmission charges, plus the Electricity Authority levy - at the wholesale rate, while your spot price stays fixed.

Is FIXIE more your style?

  • Looking for a predictable price that's steady throughout the day?
  • Are you comfortable with a six month contract?
  • Rather not change when you do things around the home?
More about FIXIE Plan

Freestyle Plan

Happy to absorb the occasional high bill for long term savings? With Freestyle, you've got access to wholesale power prices, which change every 30 minutes. Monitor the live spot price, use electricity when it costs you less, and reap the rewards! Freestylers saved an average $495 in the past 2 years (Dec 2018).

Is Freestyle right for you?

  • Are you happy to change the times of day you use power?
  • Looking for no fixed term contracts or break fees?
  • Can you cover the occasional higher bill?
More about Freestyle Plan

Plus we've got a bunch of super useful tools to maximise your savings

Smooth payments with Volt

Whether you're on Freestyle or FIXIE, use Volt to choose a regular bill payment, build up credit with anything extra you pay, and help smooth out your bills year-round.


Track live prices with the app

The Flick app is the control centre for Flicksters. Here you can monitor prices, manage your account and utilise the tools to get great savings.


Carbon count with CHOICE

See your impact, make your CHOICE. Track personalised carbon footprint data, and measure national emissions to reduce your impact.


Sell back on Home Harvest

Home Harvest is the smartest way to sell power. When using Home Harvest you can monitor the live spot price and sell back when the price is right.


There's no such thing as a silly question

Questions? We've got answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Z Gift Card?

Switching power companies can take between two and ten days from when we receive your application, depending on how long it takes your existing power company to do their bit. As soon as you're switched in to Flick, we'll send your Z Gift Card in the post to the address that you joined Flick with.

What can I spend the Z Gift Card on?

Anything! Pies, fuel, a car charger for your phone; if it's in the Z station it can be paid for with the card.

You also don't have to use it all at once. so feel free to spread those pies over a few weeks.

Full Z Gift Card terms and conditions can be found here.

Will you charge me a joining fee?

We don't do joining fees. It's like paying someone to be your friend: it's weird, and gets the relationship off on the wrong foot.

How do I pay my bill with Flick?

We send you your weekly bill each Tuesday and take your payment on Thursday via Direct Debit from your bank account or Credit Card.

Our billing week runs from Monday to Sunday, and we bill nine days behind.
Billing cycle

You can choose to pay your exact bill amount each week, or open a Volt and pay a regular amount each week. By paying a little more than your normal bill amount, you'll build up a wee stash of cash that you can then use to automatically knock the top off a higher than normal bill.

Not too sure about the whole weekly billing thing? Lots of Flicksters actually love this approach as it really helps with budgeting and allows you to manage your usage faster. Read more about why Flick chooses to bill weekly.

Can I get my gas through you too?

We don't supply gas, but plenty of Flick customers have their electricity with us and their gas with another retailer. It’s easy and it’s worth it. You can check out Powerswitch to find the cheapest gas provider to complement your power deal.

Have a read of our blog Dual Fuel Myths, Busted! to find out why those dual fuel discounts might not be such a great deal after all.